Simpson Gas Pressure Washers-Your Choice

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Simpson Gas Pressure Washers-Your Choice
Price: $169.99 - 274.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Mar 02 to Thursday, Mar 05) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Have questions? Simpson has the answer for you

Pretty sure these units are not certified to UL1776 safety standard for pressure washers.

Look that up to see if that is a concern for your use.

I own a 4200 psi Simpson Pressure Washer that I bought from Note the model with the GX honda engine this model has a heavier duty motor and this is a great price. Too bad I already have one…woot where were you 4 years ago with pressure washers?

Trying to find info on the MSV3224 and cannot locate it anywhere.
Neither can woot as the picture used is of the powershot 3228.

what IS the item you’re offering here?

Isn’t that just an issue with Electrical Power Washers? THese all have Gas Engines.

Is there a throttle control on your washer to adjust pressure? I’d like to use for pressure washing boat/concrete but also delivering foam for car washing, and then rinsing.

Got 2 of these before from woot. Both as a gifts. One arrived in horrible condition. Oil all over the box and unit. Would not start. The spark plug was fouled. Remember NO RETURNS for gas engines. I would avoid especially if giving to someone else.

Wondering the same thing. No info anywhere. Sounds like a good deal though so am quite interested. Almost bought a Honda powered Karcher from menards for $299 (3000 PSI and 2.5 GPM) a month ago.

The one pictured on the left was just named top choice in gas power washers in last month’s Family Handyman magazine. and that was at about $100 higher. looks like a solid deal.

altho the model number appears to be different here - woot! should maybe clarify.

this is the one in question:

Knock, knock Woot, any answer for this??

I’m looking at a Generac with the same power for $400. This deal is really tempting (I was just thinking the other day that woot should offer power washers).
The other issue is, I cannot locate anywhere a list of Simpson authorized service centers. the do seem to get good reviews on powerwashers direct…but again, this unit doesn’t seem to exist anywhere, or have any reviews.
The honda gx engine gets good reviews, but if the pump fails you’re really rather screwed. the timing of this is interesting, mid winter, as testing aside I wouldn’t be using it until april-may.
damn you woot!

Just ordered the “MSV3224” however the picture does not match. Assuming it’s a typo and should be “MSH3224”.

Saved paged has archive just in case because if it’s not the correct product I will be returning unused of course.

The “V” stands for vertical model and “H” for horizontal model.

No returns even if defective?

No returns, period.

I’m going to purchase one and if it’s not as advertised, Chase Sapphire Preferred has a better claims department than AMEX.

Woot! really needs to address this model number/picture issue. The pic is of the 3228 and the specs are of the 3228. The model listed doesn’t exist and the MSH3224 doesn’t have the GX200 Engine. Ugh!

I can’t find a “msv3224” on Simpsons website. And the “msh3224” doesn’t match the specs on woot page.

Woot! What is this your selling? Does it come with the honda gx200 and is 3200psi at 2.8 gpm?

The only simpson that matches those specs is the “PS3228” and that’s no where near the model number listed.

Please let us know. If it matches the specs I would love to order one

lol you beat me to it.

Yes, the specs and photo are of the ps3228…while they seemed to have obscured the number in the photo, “power shot” is legible.
the specs match this unit exactly…