Simpson Honda 3000PSI Gas Pressure Washer

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Simpson Honda 3000PSI Gas Pressure Washer
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Can you verify the model number? I can’t find any mention of this pressure washer model anywhere on the web including the manufacturer’s website. The closest I could find is this…

According to the specs tab, that is the model number. this is Home Depots listing for it:

That link also points to the MS60805-S and not the 60583R you have listed on your page.

Can you verify with the manufacturer that the parts are interchangeable?

Your header says one part number, your spec’s say a different number. Can you figure out which p.n is being sold?

I think the title is misleading because the specs says:

Model Number: MS60805-S

It certainly looks like that model and if that is the case I would like to know what got Factory Reconditioned?

There are tons of posts that the high pressure pump manifold develops hairline cracks. It is around $120-$130 to replace. Not much of a deal if that is the case.

Here is the parts list:

The pump is part: 7104884. Looks like a redesign happened on the replacement after looking around.

I think knowing what got fixed is most important on this one.

Pictured with no muffler guard! If it really doesn’t have one you will melt hoses! All it takes is one quick touch.

Yep my family had that happen on an old pressure washer. We did manage to use it for years before we made that mistake though.

I’ve had an earlier rev (purchased new) of this Simpson model for a couple of years now that I bought at Costco. I use pump conditioner after every use which preserves the seals and will also prevent water from freezing in winter if you store it in an outdoor shed. I have not had any cracks or leaks. The hose connection is under the machine and I have never had an issue with the hose coming close to the exhaust. Would I buy it again? probably - the price was good. FWIW.

The Refurbished Model Number is 60583R. This model is the same as their new model MS60805-S. The parts are interchangeable between the two.
Thank you!

The Refurbished Model number is 60583R, and the parts are interchangeable with model MS60805-S.
Thank you!

The Refurbished Model number is 60583R, and that is what we are selling. The new condition model number is MS60805-S and the parts are interchangeable between the two.
Thank you!

Also make sure you use 100% real gas, not the 10%-15% ethanol gas at most stations. The ethanol stuff will eat through the parts on these small engines.

Good advice. Here in the NE, there is no easy access to 100% gas unless you buy it in cans from Lowes for megabucks.

If you buy it start it right away. I bought a different brand from WOOT with a Honda reman in Oct 2016 and didn’t use it until spring 2017 and it was defective and outside of the warranty period.

Check out the details link for each to see if it’s drive-up or cans only.

Nice list! I guess it’s law in downstate NY - nothing here. :frowning:

Pretty much true for any item with a warranty. I’ve been burned myself by being lazy on opening something up. :frowning:

We heard a few of you had trouble placing an order for this yesterday. SO! We’ve wrangled a few more units for you to gobble up in this limited-time sale!