Simpson Honda 3000PSI Gas Pressure Washer

Just arrived.
Fired right up.
CRACK in the engine housing - oil everywhere.

Now begins the process of unending BS to deal with a DOA item

STEP 1 - We don’t hold a warranty on these Honda Motors.
You will need to take the unit to a honda service center - they will determine if it will be covered.

So now im packing this into my car - and its covered in oil - and driving 40 minutes to a honda service center to leave it for 3 weeks for them to determine if i have coverage and if they will do anything -
Better start those claims early - you got 90 days.

When will i learn.

I was going to post a picture of my crack - but decided it was not needed. Lets just say when i took it to the Honda Service center today they laughed and inquired where i bought this because you don’t even have to look to see it. I was at first embarrassed that the size of my crack made them laugh - but then i realized it’s not my problem - that’s what Simpson and Woot sent me.

Just an FYI - there is a good chance they will not honor a warranty on the motor on these - no one really seemed very confident that my 2 day old refurb power washer had any warranty on the motor.

I’ll give an update - but I paid with my Amazon Prime CC - so that’s my next stop.

The pressure washer arrived yesterday and it was covered in oil. The soap container is very loose and bounces around. There was also no place to put the clear plastic tubing with the filter cap. I had to remove the cap and fit a piece of the hose between the water inlet and the soap compartment. I am dubious.

Oh no! I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

Now that the machine has stopped working altogether and the pint of oil I put into it on day 1 was gone by day 3; I have sent the request to customer service. Thank you.

Mine doesnt even fire up. Feels like a big rip-off.

Added the provided oil as instructed, which leaked out of the engine all over my garage floor. Haven’t even been able to add gas to try and start the engine. What a disappointment. No quality assurance!?

Mine arrived with a gasoline soaked cardboard box it was in. One of the e-clips had come off of the wheels and it had fallen off. It started on the first pull but surges at idle like a dirty air filter or carburetor out of adjustment. I have a hard time believing this was “Factory Reconditioned”
And the beating continues ;o)

Sorry for the problems.

For those of you having problems, contact Simpson first. If they can’t help you, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.