Simpson Honda Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Honda Gas Pressure Washer

It says Honda GCV190 but the label on the engine in the first picture says GCV160. Which one is correct?


Hey @wootbot we need an answer is it a GCV160 like in the picture or a GCV190 like in the description?

Every website seems to result with GCV160 engine

Hi there. Sorry for the late answer. It comes with the GCV190

They sent the wrong unit (160 instead of 190) and mine came filthy. They did nothing to refurbish the unit. Air filter was filthy. I am returning this. I am totally disappointed in this purchase.

I’m very sorry. Contact woot customer service and they can assist you n

It did come with the160 engine, but expected that as I searched simpsons website before purchasing and determined the 3000psi unit was in fact the 160. However, the unit received appears to have been thoroughly used, as a great deal of the paint on the handlebars was scraped off, and lots of rust in its place now. Moreover, the label on top of the engine was defaced like it had been thrown from the truck, and a poor effort at cleaning the engine left gas/oil (black) residue in the hard to reach areas like the fuel cutoff and other places. Guess I should take a look at the air filter too. I can’t be certain, but it appears the unit was run hard, “put up wet” and returned 3 weeks before the consumer warranty expired. I think they call that “commercial use”. Haven’t cranked it yet, but I’m very disappointed with the quality of the refurb effort. Since it cannot be returned (isn’t that your policy), I hope it outperforms what I’ve seen so far. Woot, sell us higher quality refurbs, if you’re going to sell refurbs.