Simpson Honda Gas Pressure Washer

Simpson Honda Gas Pressure Washer

Been waiting for one of these for awhile now. $100 less than a new one. Ordered!

I have this and love it. Everyone should buy one. You will end up finding 50 things to clean outside of your house. Now if the wife will let me use it inside. Will post video if that happens.


I also bought one, and I just noticed they added a ORANGE BOX of No Returns… because it gas and can’t be shipped. -however if it arrives damaged it should still be returnable. -not sure it would make a difference in the purchase, buuuut adding conditions about returns, AFTER THE SALE, isn’t really great strategy and organization Amazon.

I would have bought one if I had the extra $200… to many woot-offs and other woot deals were to blame.

Not sure what you are on about. The no returns on things that run on gasoline always have that orange box.
Besides if something is damaged or does not work it makes a lot more sense to ship you the replacement part than sending the entire machine back.
I do not really see this as a problem.

That orange box was there when the sale launched. I saw it there yesterday when I previewed the sale. We’ve been adding that to sales for gasoline powered items for a few years.

It was also on the sale the previous time we ran it in June and in March.

So its slightly different than the one they pictured. And its actually 3000psi not 2800psi. The one they sent me is better than the one in the woot photo!

This is the one they sent me. It has the soap tank and a little different frame design.

I thought I bought Reconditioned, Received DAMAGED!


they couldn’t change the BROKEN pull cord top? or ALL THE PLASTIC COVERS?

WTH! :imp:

RECONDITIONED MY ARSE you sold me DAMAGED GOODS!, Labeled as Reconditioned.

anyone else get one like this?

how did yours look? mine looks like it got dropped, then repackaged

Hi there. Sorry you’re unhappy with the condition. You can expect a bit of wear and tear on a factory reconditioned. The broken grill though is beyond what I would expect.

If you contact Simpson, they should be able to send you out a new grill piece.

We will see. what Simpson does. I would not have purchased this, had I know this is the condition it would be in. Its a bait and switch as far as I am concerned.


I doubt anyone would knowingly buy that. I feel cheated.

The closer I look the worse it is. now the wheels. 2 washers, per side, not even on the same position.
and nails are now OK replacements for cotter pins? What factory does that? How can they be proud of selling a product with a nail for a cotter pin? (the reason I found this, is the wheels rub, one is gouged from the little rolling its done from in 1 day.

I was wondering why it was Soooo hard to move, Oh its because the washers aren’t installed correctly on the right wheel. Oh and someone used a nail, and then put the washers on the wrong side… a NAIL as a COTTER PIN?


I’m very sorry. If Simpson isn’t able to help you, reach out to Woot CS. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

Jack from customer service just offered to replace this.


Honestly, I had trouble with a return once (also damaged, broken snap on leather jacket. ) and was hesitant to order something heavy/bulky again.

I’m very encouraged to keep shopping woot. great customer service!

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I’m glad that we were able to offer you a solution you liked. I hope the next one will be better.

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