Sin Zin Temptation Zin and Redemption Zin - 3 Pack

Sin Zin Temptation Zin and Redemption Zin - 3 Pack
$35.99 + $5 shipping
1 2008 Temptation Zin
1 2008 Sin Zin
1 2007 Redemption Zinfandel
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Can these be mulled with eachother and/or another wine? (I always associate fall and winter wines with hot mulled wine.)

Too bad this offering doesn’t include their 2006 Cyrus. If it did I’d be in for sure. I’m loaded up on zin right now…How long can I expect to be able to cellar these for?

Me, too. Seems there’s been a lot of zin recently, but it may be that’s just the stuff that looked tempting and affordable for me. Probably yummy, but I think I have to pass.

It is definitely Yummy… actually only tried the Sin Zin before… and it is worth every penny!

Alexander Valley Vineyards at Snooth

Sin Zin Zinfandel 2008 at Snooth

2005 - 3 Zins at Cheap Wine Ratings

2008 Sin Zin rated 84 by Connoisseurs’ Guide

2007 Redemption Zinfandel quotes:

“Here’s a robust, rustic Zin, at a price that’s great for everyday BBQ. Briary and tannic, it has classic flavors of wild berries, currants, tobacco, black pepper and Asian spices.” -Wine Enthusiast

“This new release displays all the trademark elements of a fine Zinfandel from Sonoma, where this varietal gained its fame. It’s predominately a blend of Zin from Sonoma’s Alexander and Dry Creek Valleys. There’s also some Zinfandel from Solano to the east of Napa, adding some nuance to this great value Zin. We suggest picking up a few bottles, kicking back and enjoying the fun flavors here of Bing cherries, blackberries and cranberries along with notes of cloves and cinnamon.” -Winemaker’s Notes

(fingers in ears) Na na na na na. I can’t hear you :slight_smile:

I wonder if thy had fire smoke problems in their part of the Alexander Valley for the 2008s. If so, how did they filter?

Reviews I’ve found usefully below, showing these to be juicy but not flabby, apparently. Also that they’d drink for $25-30 value EACH, making this rather a good value woot if you like them Sadly, hard to find any good reviews for exact vintages, so make the usual adjustments for what you’d expect for a different year.

About 12 reviews on Snooth for the Sin Zin 2005. The 08 may not be as great as that year, but since there are no reviews for the 08, this is likely as good as we have for style comparisons.

Positive Review of the Redemption Zin. Again 05, but this seems to be pr3etty positive, and 05 and 07 seem both to be good years in CA reputedly.

And this amusing review of the Temptation (06) says it’s not an underdeveloped flabby wine. Good news, esp in Zin world!

FWIW, these are the prices on the winery’s website:

1 2008 Temptation Zin - $12.00
1 2008 Sin Zin - $20.00
1 2007 Redemption Zinfandel - $21.00

Total: $53.00

Actually, looking at the data, these might be all in somewhat different styles, to fit the mood?

Temptation 08:
NO DATA! Please can we haz data?

Sin 08:

TA: 6.9 g/L

pH: 3.86

That’s high pH but decent TA and alcohol ok if not super refined at 14.5%.

Redemption 07:

TA: 7.8 g/L

pH: 3.27

That’s really really low pH and high TA. This’ll be a zippy wine! But… HUGE ALCOHOL at 15.7%. How do they manage that high acidity with such ripe and alcoholic (high Brix) fruit? And claim a claret style with “balace and elegance”, “offering hefty flavors of blackberries and cherry liqueur”. I’m confused!

I thought it might be Redemption from the other wines which are blended, not 100% like this onw, but now I’m wondering if it’s all a ploy by Satan himself…

I love jammy, juvie Zins. In for two.

Hi - I used to rep. AVV wines (among others) in upstate NY. The Wetzels are wonderful. This is a great package at a great price - I’m in for 3! The Sin Zin price point has slowly modified since the intro of the other 2. It will be interesting to do a (fairly) side-by-side comparison of the current styles of the three - probably over a holiday meal!

Hi wooters:

We’re first timers here and looking forward to it.

People bring up the question that richardhod asked about smoke all the time. The 08 fires didn’t affect the Alexander Valley thankfully. The fires were generally in Mendocino. We do make one wine, a white, from Mendo fruit and there was a touch of smokiness to it. No impact on any of these zins.

you can never have too many zins…

The Temptation is meant to drink now, like tonight. I think it goes great with cheeseburgers on the grill. The Sin Zin could go 3 to 5 years, but the fruit is showing really well now. The Redemption is the big boy and could go 5 to 7 years but I would not take it beyond that.

YAY! good Zins that will ship to CT!!! In for one!

The Temptation and Redemption are regularly featured at my local grocer in NC. I’m always sure to grab a bottle or two when they come up, as they’re inexpensive and good.

I’d give a proper faux ratting, but I’m currently at Logan Airport and they don’t tend to import good wine here in MA (see the list of ship-to states).

lmao good one. I had no idea the filters were shit!

Wow, a double Woot Filter replacement, may be a first ever!

I like the fact that the OP meant to put “ship” instead of the original word that they typed. (Change the “p” to a “t”)

Welcome to wine woot and thank you for your fine responses so far!

Would it be a zin to ask you for pairings for the Redemption? The data on that wine is confusing the hell out of me! How can it be so alcoholic AND have such fine acidity?