Sing Scene Pop Singing Plug & Play Video Game

Oh man, who wants to sing?

Or perhaps this is more of your style:

This is it!
In for 3!

No thanks. Not much of a singer.

whyyyyy is there no in for 6 button!?

Looks like a fun drunk game. I’d do it.


no thanks.


kids woot please

It’s like Crap Without the Bag :frowning:

nooooo! kids woot!!!

Who the hell is Metro Station?

this shouldnt even be in a bolsa de mirda

looks like this item was supposed to be posted on

How about putting this in Kids Woot and let’s get back to adult afair. like Screaming Monkeys!

We’re gonna be here a while.

Thanks, woot! Just what I was looking for.

death to teh wootz…

Great. This is sure to go quick.