Sing Scene Pop Singing Plug & Play Video Game

Probably not, but being from just outside of Atlantic City (AC for short), I got unexpectedly excited. Didn’t mean to disturb you, I missed Jersey is all.

So now I’m just confused about the white box business and being able to get a bag of crap. I have purchased items during this woot-off, but still my box is white! Lame…

If a Bag of Crap comes up and I can’t get it, I will not be thrilled.

Edit: Still white on the top of the screen next to user name, but not on the forums. Interesting.

Log out, then log back in.

<-- Thinks that Taternuggets has a bit of a complex about whiteboxes. That’s just not healthy.

your box is yellow. logout and back in will probably update it for you.

Why do you keep on posting that video? Do not want hearing damage. Do not want.

EDIT: Lol, oh man, Woot’s filter is hilarious.

Ah, the AC part is from my initials. Sorry to disappoint.

I think it might’ve been sarcastical

Some of them are oldies now.

As a parent of teenagers, I can tell you that young children don’t care at all whether a song is an oldie. They have to reach the age of cynicism (5th grade, at least), before they’ll mind.

You are a gold box now!

it’s a new found passion.

i’ll move on soon.

I bought it for mine, doesn’t matter if they can read. They will have the lyrics memorized in no time flat. My daughter just LOVES to sing so hearing herself (regardless of sound quality) will tickle her pink…which happens to be her favorite color…is this item gone yet? :slight_smile:

does this plug into an 8track?

Har har. We all saw you looking for your pants. Don’t blame anything on the filter…

woo its gone

Your box is light brown, not white…


Wish they would put the price on Community so I can be upset that I missed a good deal!! I have to leave the computer once in a while!!

I am very disappointed in product, it won’t even let my grandson that was so looking forward to becomeing the next vocalist that he just cried when this thing don’t play music or the tunes won’t play correct

for whats its worth, if anyone happens to think of buying this for anyone and googles the name of the product and and finds this link…I cant really comment on the produce cause when I bought DIDNT WORK OUT OF THE BOX. cool box. defective item.