Sing Scene Pop Singing Plug & Play Video Game

Ummm, you don’t MISS it. It never shows up to begin with.

SHHHH! Don’t give Woot any ideas about a kids detour!!!

These things are great to gift out to retirement or old folks homes. They love this stuff.

*Wonders what color his box is

it will be a cold day in hell when i take the advice of a whitebox.


woo they are almost gone :slight_smile:
dont click this!!

UR knot

I can’t tell, I’m color blind. Anyone know what color his is?

what do you care?

It’s not like yer gonna buy it whitebox.

Yes. It was first recorded by Robert Hazard (who wrote it) in 1979.

I really appreciate the 10% that bought 3 and are helping this thing get off my screen.

All right - I confess that I was going to buy three of these, too, for kids birthday parties… but then I remembered that neither one of my kids are old enough to read. By the time they can read, these songs will be “oldies.”

— meh

one of the many shades of brown.

non-whiteboxes rock!

Probably not, but being from just outside of Atlantic City (AC for short), I got unexpectedly excited. Didn’t mean to disturb you, I missed Jersey is all.

So now I’m just confused about the white box business and being able to get a bag of crap. I have purchased items during this woot-off, but still my box is white! Lame…

If a Bag of Crap comes up and I can’t get it, I will not be thrilled.

Edit: Still white on the top of the screen next to user name, but not on the forums. Interesting.

Log out, then log back in.

<-- Thinks that Taternuggets has a bit of a complex about whiteboxes. That’s just not healthy.

your box is yellow. logout and back in will probably update it for you.

Why do you keep on posting that video? Do not want hearing damage. Do not want.

EDIT: Lol, oh man, Woot’s filter is hilarious.

Ah, the AC part is from my initials. Sorry to disappoint.