Sing the Blues Into Blue Microphones



I have a Blue mic sitting on my desk right now, actually. Love it. :slight_smile:


Link to the last time these were up:

I’m considering my options, but I’ll probably end up with one of these by the time the day’s out.


are these good for recording lectures? I’m considering a mic to help audio for webcasts for a lecture hall that sits about 200.


This is exactly what I want to use one of these for. Any Audio people here to give us some advice?


I own a Yeti Pro and love it. Use it for Dragon Dictate, Apple’s Dictation, Skype, recording videos w/ audio and I will continue to use it for years. The first and last mic I’ll ever purchase. I will add that I bought a nice mic boom is it’s attached to my desk so I can easily move it out of the way and pull it down when I need it.


Does anyone know if any of these could be used to record a choir in a church? Or are these only meant for speaking directly into it?

Any suggestions on how to record a Choir?


It has several audio modes, and has one for recording open spaces and performances. Please note that it connects by USB, so you’ll want your laptop near it.
I bought one of these on Amazon, and even seeing it on sale here I don’t regret buying it earlier for more money. The quality is amazing, even in Skype people say that I come through crystal clear.


So how’s the tiki one?


The Yeti is an excellent and affordable USB mic. There is a dial on the back that lets you select from several useful mic patterns. It sounds a lot better than my MXL mic. Highly recommended…


I have the Blue Yeti now (not the pro) and have to say that it is a great mic. I just started recording audio for podcasts/youtube video and haven’t had a problem at all using them.

One thing, the stand is a pain in the ass to get a pop filter on. Even the own Blue brand pop filter is a pain to get on it. That and the knobs can feel a bit flimsy, these are the drawbacks I have found.

tldr; Great mic, stand is a pain in the ass for a pop filter.


Hi - can you provide a link to the boom you’re using?


Crap! I just bought one of these.

Its a great mic and is the pro one that plugs in both USB AND stereo XLR.

Many different mic patterns and can record in 192K. The non-pro version of this mic does not do that and does not have the XLR connectors.

Great price!


Bought it from here?

Yeah, I’m a bit pissed about that. Could have saved 15 bucks.


The price difference you are seeing is NEW vs REFURB. Last weeks items were new. This week we are selling refurbished in the same model.


You’re going to need to experiment with mic placement and where and how to place the choir. Also, try putting some padding in a"V" shape behind the mic to cancel out or absorb sound entering from the sides of the church. Pillows work.

Best to record a “dress rehearsal” as opposed to to a live event recording where some baby will screech or someone will have a coughing fit while you record. It always happens!

For serious STEREO recording, consider a quality portable recorder with two XLR mic inputs and two quality mics (I use SPA MC1 mics but also have several “Blue” products.)

The recorder (Marantz is good) will set you back a few hundred, but the stereo separation of two mics and the quality will be worth it in in the long run.

You will also need cables and mic stands.

Another possibility (monaural, usually) is to plug an XLR mic into an iPad or iPod Touch with an adapter (Belkin and Logitect make them.) This allows you to control the volume input.

How sophisticated you get depends on what you are planning to do with the recordings!


received the mic today and having problems getting it to install on a win 7 system after finding the drivers on the bluemic site – note – go to the page for your mic and the “overview” tab is highlight while other tabs are grayed out. The color scheme is bad on the site and makes it look like those other tabs are not available. Pick the “drivers” tab to find your driver. NOTE THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT DRIVER VERSIONS FOR THE YETI PRO BASED ON THE LABELS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE MIC. I MISSED THAT DISTINCTION AT FIRST AND D/L THE WRONG DRIVER which – not surprisingly – would not install properly.


Got the nastiest refurb evAr from woot.

They are never this bad.


AGHHHHHHH! That can’t be right!

I’m sorry to hear that you received your order in the condition you described.

Please email into Woot Member Services at and they’ll be more than happy to assist you in resolving this issue.


I bought a Snowball mic, but was bummed to discover that it did’t work with protools. I wouldn have totally bought the one with the XLR output if I had known this. I feel dumb for not googling that first :frowning: