Singer Confidence Stylist Sewing Machine

$242.25 at Sears

This retails for $350, and the best price I found on-line was $220. Heck of a deal and the reviews are uniformly good. I may have to pick up one for my daughter. This would appear to be the only sewing maching the average sewer would ever need, and I like a 25 year warranty!

The previous deal for the Singer Professional was only 200 and that one retails for $500 to $1000, a much better deal imho.

Product website with only 2Q&A at bottom of page:

including manual page:

features list:

You mean reviews like this?

Do you have the links to the reviews you saw?

Seems like a decent machine. I need something basic and easy to use. I’m in for 1.


Don’t the h8tr’s get you down, the people who have these romances about days where you could sew a thundering truck full of eggplants on their singer OMFG can you believe that!! machine that costs $19.99. “Average” and “entry level” machines come with basic necessities that are good enough for most people. There’s a lot of snobbery with sewing machines. Brands like Pfaff (yes, I’m looking at you $1,500 ‘entry level machine’) exploit this. I had a $100 entry level Janome for years that was completely useless for much and OK for others, but it was a Janome, see, and those last forever! Just like toxic waste!

This is a fantastic machine for your grandbabbies. It’s also quite easy to have repaired. One good thing about common brands like this is that after market parts and good can be had almost anywhere. Important when you are starting out because things bend, want to be improved, can do better, etc.

When there was a sewing machine on Woot a few weeks/months ago I waited to think about buying one AND when I finally decided to do it, it had sold out. Looks like a good machine…raters on Joann give it 5 stars and on Amazon it has 4 stars. In for one!

since nobody linked Amazon yet

The same thing happened to me. I saw the last sewing machine right before Christmas when there were still some available and didn’t think “Hey, this is on sellout so it will probably sell out.” And I waited until the end of the business day, and then when I decided to go ahead and get it they were sold out. I definitely need a new machine because the sewing machine I have is just awful.

Dammit I was just talking of buying a good sewing machine with my tax return, now if you could list this again around mid-February and not when I’m flat broke it’d be great!

Same here. I was so, so sad about that. Now … do I want this one, or wait to see if the other ‘fancier’ one comes up again? But if I wait, this one will be sold out too! AAAHH! I am clicking now!!

I’ve never sewn, but want to do some very simple projects - drawstring bags of regular fabrics, and also of utility mesh. Is this easy enough for a dolt like me, and could it handle the mesh?

I do wish there were left-handed sewing machines…perhaps I would have taken to this pastime if they existed. Thank goodness I’m a bit ambidextrous.

Anybody know how heavy this thing is? I have an old school one that I got from my Grandmother… So heavy that I can barely get it in and out of the closet.

What’s the maximum thickness of material this can handle? Denim? Vinyl? What about the minimum thickness? If I were to buy this thing, I’d want it make some manly projects like reupholstering my Mustang or sewing up my Levis after a particularly bad crash.

It never hurts to have a backup machine, so if you do purchase this one, and another one is posted that is SO FABULOUS YOU JUST CAN’T PASS IT UP, then you can always buy that one, too, and keep this one for those moments when you need a tune-up or repairs on the upgrade. Also, nice to have multiple machines for multiple projects. I like the idea of not having to break from a HUGE task, change out threads, etc., to do something on a smaller scale that is needed more immediately. Or, if you need the money and/or space, you can sell this one, once you get the newer one, and learn the ropes on it. Just my humble 2 cents worth!

Has this shipped for any one yet? It has been 5 days and it still says the same thing.

That’s 5 business days, not counting the day of the sale. Hang tight!

Mine has not shipped yet either…I need it for a present! Woot usually sends stuff so fast! What is going on this time?