Singer Sewing Machine or Craft Kit

Singer Sewing Machine or Craft Kit

@ThunderThighs $132.97 w free shipping

Alrighty, the “craft kit” which is actually a sewing box is bring sold at my local grocery store for $29.99 and at Wal-Mart I found it for $24.XX. (Sorry, don’t remember the cents on the Wm one!) So not a deal by any stretch of the imagination.

I haven’t looked but pretty sure I can do better on the sewing machine as well considering a secondary one I bought recently (not even on sale) for $179 can sew rings around this one.

Edit — I didn’t think a 6 stitch machine should be more than $99 - - - Joann’s - $119, Walmart $89 and there were more but I’ll stop there. Nuff said.

Disappointed Woot!

Even less from Singer.


Growl on the sewing machine. Asking.

Not finding the 255pc craft kit anywhere cheaper.


Wonder where you can find the thread spool rack that’s shown in the background…

Just type “spool racks” in the Amazon search bar and you’ll find plenty of sizes and options to choose from. Most that I looked at you could set on a table or attach to a wall.
Happy hunting!