Singer Sewing Machine or Craft Kit


Singer Craft Kit

This says “your choice” between the sewing machine or the craft kit, but there’s no drop-down to allow you to choose which of the two items you’d like to buy.


Was wondering the same thing :grimacing:

Wondering the same thing

I want to order the sewing machine but there is no drop down to select between sewing machine or craft box. Please help me select properly.


Good morning. I thought I’d tag you on this one so you’d see it when you come in. Thanks.

Hi all. Sorry but only the craft machine is available this time. I’ve asked the team to clean up the sale a bit.

Sorry but only the craft machine is available this time… What does that mean? The Sewing Machine is available or the Craft Kit is available?

Sorry, the craft kit:


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Hello, anybody! Do not send the Craft kit due to your mistake. D not charge my account. I sent enough messages with no response. Your error.
Very disappointed in your not reviewing the orders to insure customers get the right product. Please confirm the status of this issue.

You can self cancel in 2 hours after you order. After that CS may be able to cancel. If not, they’ll help you return the item.

Sorry for the error.