Singer Sewing Machines: You Pick!

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Singer Sewing Machines: You Pick!
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Reviews of the Quintet over at HSN

I bought a 9430 Signature on a previous sale and offer up these two tips:

-Be sure to immediately unpack your machine completely and check for the bonus feet.The instruction manual has a list with pictures to help you with identification. The standard accessories are in the slide off compartment on the front of the machine. The bonus accessories are, well, I don’t know. They were missing from my box, which I discovered outside the window of Woot’s ability to help in replacement. (My own fault, though. I didn’t check upon arrival.)

  • Be sure to test the machine’s tension a few times on the sample fabric it came with before you start your first project. My machine required the bottom (supposedly perfectly pre-set) tension to be slightly adjusted. It’s much easier to figure that out if you haven’t changed any other settings first. The instruction manual does not tell you how, but you can adjust the bottom tension by taking off the throat plate and adjusting the tiny visible screw on the right front of the bobbin assembly. You’ll need to angle in a teeny phillips head screwdriver (not included with the machine, of course, because they claim you will never need to adjust the bottom tension) but don’t move it more than 1/8th of a turn at a time or you will regret it. A small adjustment will make a big difference.

After a slightly rocky start with the tension issue, the machine has served me well in mending and other light projects so far.

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