Singer Talent Sewing Machine

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Singer Talent Sewing Machine
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EDIT: I want this soooooo bad! C’mon, Woot! I have been a good boy!

Man… I haven’t done any sewing in ages, but this is making it super tempting.

Oh man, I need you and my friend’s husband to have a “sew-off”! He still owes me a dress that I was supposed to wear to he and his wife’s wedding…almost three years ago. I also call him the best damn seamstress this side of the Rockies. I’m having visions of a YouTube channel… Maybe you’re better, and you’re on the correct side of the Rockies to steal the title!

Question from someone who’s super inexperienced and unwise in the ways of sewing. Would this machine be powerful/strong enough to assist in the re-sewing of a button in to denim (jeans)?

Jeans buttons are usually riveted, not sewn. You use a hammer instead of a sewing machine. And buttons are best done by hand if you need any sort of shank, which you do for thicker fabrics like denim.

But it should be able to handle denim if you want to do a hem or something.

For what it’s worth, I’ve had this same machine for the last few years, and it’s really served me well. It was a beginner’s machine when I was first teaching myself to sew, but it’s kept up with me as I’ve progressed to more complicated projects. Not the fanciest machine, if you want / need a lot of decorative stitches, and it likes to get loud if you’re working with really thick / bulky material, but definitely value for the money, I’d say.

If I did not already have one, I would buy it. I have my old Singer, my mother bought me in seventh grade. That is the only brand she bought and was an excellent seamstress. I bought one like this a few years ago. I stayed up all night trying to figure out how to thread it, it was so different from my old one, I could do with my eyes closed. I made it much harder than it had to be but I had to get it. It is easy to thread and use. It serves nicely to sew simple lines that are all you need for basic sewing. You have some choices on other sewing lines, such as zig-zag. Great price!

This just takes a needle and thread and manual labor. I would never bet on that needle on the machine to do the job. I do not think it is designed to aim for the holes. You are asking for trouble. Just no to that, if you enjoy the gift of sight.

Thank you, both cptjeff and Calgaltoal!!

There are only 2-3 items I really need to sew. I guess I’ll be doing it the old fashioned way and save some buckaroos. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated!

This is a good basic sewing machine. If you are considering getting a machine for a young person to learn to sew, this is a good choice. PLEASE do not get those $29.99 machines…they will HATE sewing after trying to sew on junk.

perfect for first time “sewers”??? Isn’t that a waste management system? hehe…This IS a good machine though!

I agree that this is a good machine (at a great price) for learners and occasional use. For anything approaching regular use, you’ll be so much happier with something with metal drive gears instead of plastic.

I have a 20-year-old Singer that’s aimed at the same users as this machine. I’ve used it about two to ten times a year. It no longer sews in reverse without the needle coming down on the bobbin platen and bending or breaking. Forward works fine, though.

How do you place an order? I cannot finf a link!

Click the picture of the sewing machine at the top of the thread, and top-ish left side of the page has a big yellow/orange “add to cart” button.

Hi, Woot admins. Can I ask when this is going to ship? I know you had to get stuff out for the holidays, so I’m not asking because I’m ticked off or anything…I’m just curious.

Hope y’all had a good…whatever holiday each of you celebrate, and that you’ll have a great new year.

It’s shipping directly from the vendor and should ship in 3-5 business as noted in the sale. With the holiday, we’re at 4 business days so I’m guessing they’ll ship early this week. That’s a guess though.