Single Wing Ed Hardy R/C Airplane

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New Single Wing Ed Hardy R/C Airplane, for $15.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x World Trading 23 Single Wing Ed Hardy Remote Controlled Airplane

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this write up made more sense when the plane was sold after all the helicopters in the woot off.

I bought this in the wootoff. i cant wait to get this!

YouTube Demo <– link to “ED Hardy Single Wing RC Plane HobbyTron”

This looks really familiar.
Oh yeah, it was in the wootoff on Friday.

This copter is pretty good. The handling isn’t that bad like others. Just don’t try to do anything crazy (like put snakes in it or something) and you’ll be fine.

I believe “proportional speed control” as much as I believe that both sticks do something.

I don’t see any control surface actuators.

And what is “altitude control” I"m pretty sure all you control is “rotor speed”

Interesting item but 6AA??? can I just use one of those 6V?

They go in the remote control and they’re used to charge up the batteries on the RC craft, as demonstrated when you click the picture. :slight_smile:

if you can get the 9v to fit in the batt compartment, then all you would have to do is attach to lead wires and a 9v plug. only problem is that it wont last as long, if its a rechargeable 9v then who cares. LOL

Where is the landing gear? No wonder Woot refrains from calling it unbreakable… Looks like you’re buying a prop strike on every landing… Buy three! You’re going to need some spare parts.

Does anyone know if this will take care of my stray cat problem in my backyard?

This looks like a great gadget to harass cats but I am wandering if it will scare them off or mildly annoy them.

Who or what is Ed Hardy?

I just want to know how many exactly have sold so I don’t feel like an idiot if I buy one.

Apparently, that is a clothing brand by “world famous designer Christian Audigier”

So tempting but since I only have a little more than $100 in my name right now it probably wouldn’t be a great idea :frowning:

Oh god… the cat… oh god… the cat might never forgive me. Those little RC helicopters scared him enough. A plane? I hear PETA calling.

It is 2 channel, throttle and rudder. Look at the video linked above.

The rudder does not appear to be proportional, but for $16 you can’t complain. Much.

Ed Hardy is a tattoo artist whose art is being pimped (mostly as clothing worn around here by thuggish types and kids with improper taste/money ratios) by Christian Audigier, former designer at Von Dutch. The better question is what marketing genius lost his job over saying that slapping tattoo flash on radio control toys would create a crossover hit?

50 Feet ain’t very far. If you don’t turn it around by then does it keep going? :stuck_out_tongue: