singlecue Gen 2 Remoteless Control

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singlecue Gen 2 Remoteless Control
Price: $96.99
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harmony hub is 89$ on amazon. is supported by logitech, backs up configurations to the cloud and is just plain awesome. wtf is this?

Still not ready for prime time.

Easy pass unless you want to waste $100.

Typo alert–off not of. Don’t you just hate people that correct your posts?

according to this (poor) review, it is gesture controlled, not voice controlled???

The unit itself is gesture controlled. It has a interface to connect to Alexia (Amazon Echo, etc …). At that point you can ask Alexia to control it with your voice. If you are just wanting voice support an Echo or Google Home to a Harmony Home would probably be a better choice.

Had to return mine, every time I would flip off the TV… it would find a Kathy Griffin show.

maybe i was hallucinating but when i clicked on add to cart (last night), the price was $69.99. I spent some time reading the reviews and when i checked back, the price had jumped to $96. I might have pulled the trigger at the lower price just for the novelty factor but at the changed price, I’ll just go with Harmony hub.

No price change. It went out in the daily digest at midnight for $96.

This is Ran from singlecue team.
The outcome of both singlecue and Harmony is the same- you control your entertainment devices. However the difference is the way you control. singlecue allows you to control with free gestures. For exmaple, wave at the TV and it turns on or off. Harmony allows you to do it but you need to press the remote.

This is Ran from singlecue team.
Sorry you had a bad experience with singlecue. There could be several reasons for the issue you mentioned.
It could be that singlecue was not positioned right or the gestures aren’t fully being performed. In any case our support team has phone, email and even video chat support to make sure you learn to do the gestures correctly.

Hey, this is Ran from singlecue team.
You are correct- we are gesture controlled. You can also control singlecue (and thereby all your entertainment devices) using our app on your smartphone and for those with Alexa, voice as well. Our main feature though is gesture enabled- simple discrete gestures that make several devices work together. since the review you noted, which was 7 months ago, we launched 3 new discrete gestures which sigificantl yimproved the experience. hope you like it