singlecue Gen 2 Remoteless Control

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singlecue Gen 2 Remoteless Control
Price: $79.99
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7/10/2017 - $96.99

That video wasn’t very informative.

I was hoping this was some accessory for my Traeger. What marketing genius named this shit to sound like a barbecue tool?

It’s … Always…Watching…You

“And then after college your house can use its degree to land some high-paying job and maybe one day even pay of its own mortgage!”

Perhaps some day it will even spell “off” correctly :)>

Quality post.

Maybe the same person wrote the tagline copy on the company’s web site, where they misspelled “it’s.”

That day is today! Thanks for the find.

Anyone know if this works with TiVo? Also, can you choose different inputs from your receiver with this? I wonder, too, if you can control Firestick with it?

This is Ran from singlecue team.
singlecue can control Tivo. Yes you can choose different inputs. And no, singlecue currently does not control Fire Stick.