Siren IV 2GB MP3 Player

Well, alarms are going off…


The iPod killer!! Buy 3

c’mon woot. i’m tired. i’m sleeping on the floor of the computer room with my contacts in. my fiancee gets up in an hour. please BOC

This one will take all day to sell out. :frowning:

they said they would give us something crappier after the cyclops glasses. i’m kindof upset

it’s a random piece of crap

The FM tuner might make it useful. Buy three!

That’s because it is.

I’m holding out for a “Crush” 2GB MP3 Player myself, or a “Wolf” or “Titan” one for my wife.

Praise-uh Jebus! The blasted video glasses are gone!

I wonder who decides how big a standard song is. How did they decide its 2GB holds “up to 960 songs”? What if you like really short songs?

thats why you should always sign in first .

I ate a turd for breakfast. mmmmm peanutty!!!

I really hope no one stayed at work, afraid to leave, at the end of the myvu…Wake the Wizard hasn’t been wrong yet, although usually we use him for a drinking game we made up…predicting the non-appearance of the b o c is a brand new use.

Is there a list of the Woots I missed while I slept?

I wonder if the chrome part is metal or just plastic.

…if they only had a left-hand version sigh

It doesn’t matter. This will convert all songs to exactly the same size :o

well, better than umbrella