Sirius 8-inch Powered Subwoofer


Yeah, great podcast. where do these guys get the time to do this everyday???


Thanks! But you should see this:


Honestly, the preposterousness of some people 's posts perpetually perplexes me.
(I hope they’re not just trolling.)

For the noob who says “oh i wish it was for teh aut0mobilez” - READ THE DESCRIPTION.
For the tool who says “oh its for sirius kids, get teh XM, a real radi0” - READ THE DESCRIPTION.
For the ____ who says “oh its _______” before you click “Post”, RE-READ THE DAMN DESCRIPTION.


Have you seen what they are paying Howard the need all the help they can get. This seems like a good deal froogle has the cheapest nonebay at $100. +who knows how much for shipping it weighs better then 16 lbs.


Yo yo yo! I only listen to gangsta rap on my totally kickin MB Quart 4 x 22" Subs. Yeah, that’s right… you can hear my shizzle comin all the way down the street… why? Cuz I’m a jerk. That’s why.


haha, that about made me fall out of bed from laughter.


I wonder how this would compare to the MTX MXA6001 and (2) 12" Polk Momo Subs I currently have in my Jeep XJ? haha


Working hard at


You must have this for your Sirius radio or Howard Stern will sound like Walter Payton.


I’m totally pimping my '93 Tempo. Xzibit better watch his back.


Ha, I understand now… gg finally getting it right btw


Prolonged exposure to excessive decibels of subsonic frequency causes premature hair loss and erectile dysfunction. Spread the word.


Can I use this with my logitec 2.1 system? (Kicks some serious dorm shaking butt, by the way)

Link for Logitech speakers … here:,CRID=2173,CONTENTID=9066


Don’t put any stock in the frequency response claim. If the tolerances of sound pressure (+/- 3db for example) aren’t given, then the frequency response can be terrible at 20 Hz. Any sub will play 20 Hz, but only the best will give you an honest response at 20 Hz or the freqency at -3db (25 Hz, for example).


good deal, but not for me. 'night, all.


I got one because I’m not looking to knock down neighborhoods, I’m just looking for a little bit better sound, at a very low price.


What you really need is to hear TomTom through this thing… sounds just like getting directions from God!


Thank you! Useful info.




You can hook this up to your car stereo even if you have a stock head-unit or one without RCA outputs. All you need is a line-converter which taps into your existing speaker wires and converts the signal to RCA outputs. These can be easily installed yourself or for a minimal fee at any electronics store that does car stereo installs. Theyre typically between $20-30 without the install.