Sistema 12-Pc Klip It Accents Food Storage Set

Picture shows 12 containers with lids while the description indicates only 6 containers with lids. Which 12 pieces are the actual 12 pieces?

it would appear the lids and bowls count as seperate pieces. Only 6 containers in this thing…

Go with the second picture and the Features:
12-Piece Set Includes:

(2) 6.76 Ounce Containers with Lids
(2) 13.5 Ounce Containers with Lids
(1) 33.8 Ounce Container with Lid
(1) 67.6 Ounce Container with Lid

If you have a Costco card, or a friend with one, go there. They have a 30 piece set (lid/container) that has a good variety, and is only $20.