Sistema 12-Pc Klip It Accents Food Storage Set

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Sistema 12-Pc Klip It Accents Food Storage Set
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I hope everyone is aware that a "twelve piece set"means six bottoms and six tops, not the twelve storage pieces in the photo.
Pretty blatant false advertising

This is 6 boxes and 6 lids even though the main picture shows 12 boxes and 12 lids. I think this is misleading and if someone were to not read further, and ordered the set, they would be upset to only receive the 6 box/lid set. It is easy to look at the picture and think the 12 boxes/lids shown are the 12 pieces mentioned in the title. Just my opinion.

Are these water tight/air tight?

No. I bought a set of these at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and was hopeful that they would be water tight because of the rubber gaskets in the lids and the snap clips. However, the gaskets aren’t big enough to be compressed once the closures are snapped shut. I found that out the hard way: I had packed some pesto pasta for my daughter’s school lunch, placing the container on its side in her lunch box. She came home with a puddle of olive oil on the bottom of her lunch box. If you fill the container with water, snap the lid shut, and turn the container sideways, you’ll see how badly they leak.

One other thing I don’t like about these containers. With many food storage containers, the sides are slightly slanted so it’s easy to nest empty containers that have the same dimensions. The sides on these containers are straight up & down, with just a little bit of rounding on the bottom edges, so you waste a lot of storage space if you try to stack containers of like size. I guess the solution is to nest smaller containers inside of bigger ones, but there would have been a bigger space savings if they would have slanted the sides in slightly.

If you do buy them, you’ll want to remove the gaskets when washing to get at any liquid gunk that might have gotten around the gasket. You can do that by using a butter knife, or by dunking the lids in hot soapy water & slapping them down on a sponge until the gasket falls out.