Sistema Klip It - 15-Piece Clear Bakery Set

Although called a 9 piece set, looks like this is the product page and near perfect reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

How can you call this a 15 piece set, when is clearly only 9?

You can’t count the lids as pieces.

Comments from a similar product sale

If they didn’t send the lid ‘pieces’, I bet you’d complain that there were pieces missing! It’s common practice in kitchen wares - sets of pots and pans are counted the same way.

It is the first time that I know about the common plactice in kitchen wares…

Every set of pots or tupperware I have ever purchased counted the lids as pieces.

These are excellent. I bought them from woot about 2 years ago and they are still going strong. They have a good airtight seal.

Particularly nice is the fact that several of the containers share the same lid size. And that they stack.

If you look at the specs, they all have the same length and width. Only the height varies. This would lead me to believe that all the lids are the same…That is a plus…

Let us know when you get the industry to change this practice. :tongue:

In other words, it ain’t us.

Anyone know if the large size here can hold an entire bag of flour?

I have that size, and if I remember correctly it held almost all of a five lb. bag of bread flour. I think about a half-cup didn’t fit.

The seals on these are great, and I like that they stack and have interchangeable lids. Why you’d need three of the el cheapo measuring cups they come with is beyond me, though.

These are made of “100% virgin polypropylene”-

Where in the world did they find virgin polypropylenes?

I thought they were all extinct…

I suspect they give you 3 measuring cups so you can leave one inside of each of the 3 larger containers. Growing up my mother always kept a measuring cup in her flour and sugar tupperware containers for ease of use…

I’ve used these containers for years. I bought them separately from an expensive, specialty retailer.

I like them, BUT:

I think they are made for European volumes. I can’t get more than a cup of flour or sugar into size that seems like it should fit a full bag of flour or sugar.

The measuring cups are almost a cup but not quite.

I love that they stack, and I love that each and every part comes apart. The latches can pop out, the seal can come off, the pour spouts can pop off, and they’re dish-washable.

I’m not sure why others have had problems with flour. I have this exact set and I have a 5 lb bag of flour in there bag and all. It’s a snug fit, and I couldn’t put the measuring cup in there with it, but it does fit. I have been very happy with this set and have used the smaller containers when camping because they do such a great job of sealing and keeping stuff contained in the cooler. Much better than other containers have because the lids can’t pop off randomly.