Sistema Mug to Go - Set of 4 (5 Colors)

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Sistema Mug to Go - Set of 4 (5 Colors)
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Monday, May 26 to Thursday, May 29) + transit
Condition: New


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I don’t have this small size, but I have 2 bigger soups microwave cups like this and like them. I’ve bought almost 10 Sistema products. The main thing is occasionally bit of trouble getting exact lining on the clips, but other than that, happy with my steamers and soup cups.

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Amazon has some great reviews

Cue the “OMG you can’t heat up food in plastic containers!!! YOU’LL KILL US ALL” crowd in 3…2…1…

Nothing’s guaranteed, but I hope they read the description:
“They’re 100% virgin polypropylene, and free from BPA and lead…”


I just got my mug out. I don’t have a ruler on me, but it looks like similar dimensions, and it’s 22.1 ounces.

Powers that be, better recheck the capacity in ounces (either that, or I really can’t measure visually).

Thanks for the inquiry guys.
I’ve gone ahead and pinged Home Staff for further details.

We’ll post here with any further info regarding today’s sale.

EDIT: Sale has been updated - Each mug has a capacity of 2.77 cups (22.18 ounces)

This mug has the same dimensions, and it’s listed at 22.1oz.

Okay, then let me make this comment. I bought 2 for $5 each when woot had this before. This is basically 4 for the price of 3, in colors other than the red I have. If this is the same one as before (and as the video noted, don’t try carrying the liquid like while traveling, assuming it’s airtight–it’s a good enough seal for cooking, carrying to the table, and the fridge), I might buy this set of 4, to have more of these.

edit: previous sale I bought for last year–the dimensions were slightly different though, L 6" x W 4.5" x H 4.75" then vs. 5.6" W x 4.5" D x 4.7" H today

Each mug has a capacity of 2.77 cups (22.18 ounces)

I have these same sized ones, they are great to warm up cans of soup, and good in small lunch boxes they do have a very good seal around them mine has never leaked even when turned on the side. I also use them for reheating chili, and spaghetti sauce. You can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond the same size but they want 5.99 a piece for them and they only have red and orange. I got mine off qvc about a year ago, and I love them. I also got some bigger ones. I do love that the food does not cook in these like they do some of the tupperware and they do clean very easily where dried on cheese sauce on glass you have to sit in hot water to come off, it comes off pretty easy with these, and the bpa free was my number one reason.

In general, I agree, although BBandB lists $6.99 now (Klip-it is a brand name for Sistema)

I actually have a set of these. They are a hold a little over 22 ounces and steam/heat food perfectly. It holds a whole can of soup plus the can of water your suppose to add just to give you an idea. Way more then a toddler could eat! Well unless it’s a really big hungry toddler.

We initially had the capacity listed as 2 ounces which explains the previous comment. We’ve fixed it.

Gee, I hope there aren’t two mugs in the four-pack with “Sistema” printed in mirror-image!

I own two of these cups and they are great for heating food as others have said. However, they are not reliable in terms of loading them up ahead of time - the steam opening at the top is not sealed and will leak if turned even when closed. They also stain over time if you repeatedly heat food containing tomato ingredients but that’s normal with plastic ware. Otherwise great product!

Does the handle get ridiculously hot after heating?

I have a set of 4 of these and I love them however they don’t stack, so they take up so much room in the cupboard. They are perfect for left over soup and to heat the next day, but the storage space alone is keeping me from buying a second set

I have many of the Sistema microwave cookers, including these mugs and they all work great!! Anyone considering these needs to know that you will make great use of them.