Sistema Rice Steamer - 10.9 Cups

I have had one of these for a while now, and they really do work well. I primarily use it for making small amounts of rice (1 cup of dry rice and 1.75 cups of water/broth at a time). Regular basmati rice is done in about half the time it would take on the stove and the results are just as good, if not better. (No rice burned to the bottom of the pot.)

The only complaint I have is that the bowl could use a handle similar to their noodle bowls.

Well I picked one of the rice steamers up. The amazon reviews were raving about this. It is a better deal if you have amazon prime. My first attempt at cooking brown rice following their instructions said to follow what the package said. Well I ended up with a rice cake. 2nd attempt at cooking brown rice came out great. I added 1/4 cup more water that what the package called for which next time I might try 1/2 cup more water next use. My cook time for the riceland extra long grain brown rice was 25 minutes cook completely. The package said 35 to 40 minutes cook time on the stove. Really I can’t complain only suggestions I will make is put a paper towel down or a plate in case any water comes from the top vents. This is a great little item for small quantities of rice. Currently I’m only making 1 cup of rice at a time.