Sistema Storage

Be careful with the prices here.

Sistema 1430 is more expensive here (9.99 + $5 shipping) than on Amazon (9.82 + free shipping)? Klip It 1250 is 8.99 + $5 shipping here vs. 10.66 + free shipping on Amazon.

On the other hand, Sistema 1213 is 17.99 + $5 shipping here vs. 30.25 + free shipping on Amazon.

So I’ve been looking for a container to store my flour and I’ve been happy with sistema products in the past… however.

Flour tends to come in a 5 lb bag and different substances have different volumes, but this equates to approx 20 cups of flour or 4 3/4 liters. Why are all the “flour containers” that I find in the store and online too small to fit a standard bag of flour?

Am I doing it wrong?

TJ Maxx and Target both sell these for a lot less. Not to mention you don’t have to pay for shipping. PASS

Have you tried the Container Store? I found a couple of pretty big containers that we use for rice. I’m not sure of the dimensions (can’t check) but it was a 15 lb bag that I split into them.

Yes. You’re supposed to use the left over flour to make me a cake. :tongue: