Sit Down for Crap

Oh Crap, how you delight me!

woot woot woot!!!

Wow, though I was going to miss it due to errors on my billing info.

Wow. Took a long time to add to my cart, but I got one. Disappointment here I come!

Hazzah! Scored one!

I’ve been buying crap for almost 7 years now.

Can’t wait for such a beautiful bundle of crud to hit my doorstep! Yay!

Dining Room Crap!?!? How strange and disappointing it could be! Perhaps it will be a more formal form of disappointment than previous BOCs.

Congrats to you all on your impending disappointment.

Reminder: These will not be home-themed. Just regular old crap.

I’m assuming we will not see normal B’s OC in woot off?

Following the woot-off closely, my kid poops his pants, go take care of his poop, miss the bag of crap. Oh the irony!

I keep missing the BOCs because of meetings… stupid work. Are they popping up on the main HOME page or are you finding them first on the community page? Or are you clicking through all of the rooms in the blue boxes to find them? Thanks for the clue!

These are normal BOCs. These are NOT home themed.

confused… earlier above you said they are not home themed?

I think TT means that the title of the BOC is home themed, but the contents have no theme because of the quantity of boc and the lead time needed to get everything setup.

Sad Congrats on your actual Bottoms of Crap.

But your story is a true definition of irony and really made me laugh!

Whoops, left out an important word.

NOT home themed
No. Nope. uh-uh