SIT-IN: Polywood Potpourri

Hey all, this shady pair of monkeys approached us behind the warehouse and asked us if we wanted to get in on this deal for Polywood outdoor furniture.

Yeah, it’s late in the season but hey, that’s why you’re getting one heck of a deal here! Have you looked at these prices! They’re crazy! They’re ridiculous! They’re low even!

Oh, and we only have a few of some items so bring out your designer side and do some mixin’ & matchin’.

Not terrible prices, but you can get two reclining Adirondack chairs with pull out ottomans and a side table made of real treated wood for $200 or a single chair for $100 (Big Daddy collection at They can’t just sit out in the rain, but they’ve done fine for 3 years on my porch.

Dang, I hope this deal comes back soon, Need a set of these, maybe 2!

Do these deals ever come back, or is it a one-time thing that some of us missed out on…?