SIT-IN: Polywood Rockers

This looks like an event so I’m thinking there might be a sales rep here. What is the finish like on these rockers? Would you compare it to composite decking or is it a smoother plastic/poly finish?

Wow…these really are NOT good prices!

Not good prices??? We bought two Polywood Jefferson rockers in white…less than three years ago for $359 each. They still sell for this price elsewhere. They are very nice in appearance and very comfortable. We also have a pair of Polywood Adirondack chairs. We leave them out year round, unprotected and they look as new as the day we received them. In the spring we just hose them down with detergent and water. Love them. They are heavy and dense being made from recycled milk containers. During hurricane Sandy, they didn’t even move.

Have tried to check out woven rockers, lets you add to cart and then says it is sold out but showed still available very frustrating!!!

The Jefferson? Someone might have been just ahead of you in the check out process. Sorry about that.

Hey all, this shady pair of monkeys approached us behind the warehouse and asked us if we wanted to get in on this deal for Polywood outdoor furniture.

Yeah, it’s late in the season but hey, that’s why you’re getting one heck of a deal here! Have you looked at these prices! They’re crazy! They’re ridiculous! They’re low even!

Oh, and we only have a few of some items so bring out your designer side and do some mixin’ & matchin’.

Finally, found it would only let me check out one in black and one in green even though it said limit of three then tried to order the lower backed rocker and ended having to order in a new order and pay shipping twice, I checked later and still showed available till I would try to check out, think something a little strange was going on here.

We may have only had one in each of those at that time. Sorry for the frustration. You can email and ask them nicely if they’ll help you with that extra shipping. They’re buried with emails right now so a few hugs would go a long way.

I reeeeally hope this happens again. We just bought a house and our deck overlooks a nature conservancy. I am a little sad I missed this.