Site down 3/14/2022 [Resolved]

Hi! I’m getting a 503 on all of the “account” areas in the app except for the sub-menu tree. Error is as follows:

Service Unavailable

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

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Welp! It looks like it’s the whole darned thing again!

Probably 'cause TT’s on vacation this week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My fault guys, just had to order that Apple Watch

snow skiing GIF by South Park


Too bad it’s fixed now. I was enjoying the neat and clean look.



At least the information on that screen is correct.

I’m not gonna tag @ThunderThighs, as we FINALLY got her off. Well, minus her peeks into the forums.

@lioncow - You and @notmatty could figure out who should be bothered.


yikes, there’s been a server error

Something on our side of things went wrong. The site could be overloaded, or you may have tried something we didn’t test.

Your best bet is to try again. If you get this error page consistently, we’d love it if you’d write us, telling us exactly what you did to get the error. With any luck, we’ll fix the problem, and it’ll work the next time you try.

Getting this on everything I try to load on the site right now. :frowning:

Down for me, too. Me cry big time. :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Looks like things are fixed.

Woot should probably get some new duct tape. :laughing:


Here and I’ve been thinking the problem is with my phone, when I get the “frame” (the top and bottom graphics) but no contents to click on or buy. And usually at that point the selections on the bottom of the screen aren’t clickable… it has been happening more and more, I should probably obsess and capture data, etc… nah, life’s too short - they’ll realize they have little short gaps in sales, and THEY can decide if they care.

personally i like this design

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I had a similar screen at the end of TTHH, I blame @davejlives

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I’m glad my misery brought you great pleasure.

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In some parts of the world this design will get you thrown in prison. Just ask this lady.


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that’s why TT is “on vacation” - she’s been disappeared from soviet-controlled woot

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So I get to complain to you about my latest Woot order issues.