Sitting In The Living Room

Can anyone explain why one would pay $600 and wait 2-4 weeks for the “Mercer” convertible sofa when many big box stores sell the same thing for half the price? (For example Garden Ridge in S. Texas.)

Hi! Delivery can take less time depending on when we get your order and where you live. Also, the benefit you get is the warranty the sofa comes with! It’s a great addition to any home and we feel it’s worth it’s value! Happy Shopping!

Pay special attention to the words describing the leather: “bonded leather” is just plastic with a little leather added. Avoid it, because it does not stand up well.

“Leather match” is something that matches the leather on the piece without, itself, being leather. This is sometimes a good thing for getting the price down, but you should be aware that it means what you’re getting is not all leather.

Just so you guys all know, the only three items in this sale that are made with Top-Grain Genuine Leather is the Georgetown, Roma, and the Wynn. Every part of the furniture is Top-Grain Genuine Leather except for the sides and back which are Leather Match, and this is used to bring down costs for consumers. Also, Leather Match is still leather, just not Top-Grain. If you guys have any more questions, let us know! Thank you and Happy Shopping!