Sivan Anti-Fatigue Roll Mats

LOVE the picture of the guy trying to move the pad partially under the SUV.

First - his foot is on it. I know Bugs Bunny could pull of that move, but Bill Smith from Poughkeepsie? Not a chance.

The pad is 46" x 93" (less than 4ft x 7ft). The Mercedes AMG wheelbase is over 100 inches, and that pic shows the pad would barely fit sideways, let alone lengthwise… Does Woot know something about a new Mercedes Mini that we don’t know about?

Does anyone know what shade the blue is?

Just got confirmation on this, it’s a deep, vivid, royal blue.

I purchased 3, thinking they were 1/2 inch and when they arrived…Not Even a 1/4in thick.

Not happy

With the comment above…they knew it was an issue.
Why would they continue to run a product when they Know the descriptions isn’t correct?

Oh man, sorry! If you haven’t done so, please email with your order info and issue; CS can get you taken care of.