Sivan Balance Ball Fit Chair

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Sivan Balance Ball Fit Chair
Price: $49.99 - 74.99
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Time to learn all about Sivan and check out the product page for the fixed chair

I’m not quite sure they allow these in my county.

Discusion/Comments from a previous offer

I’m just going to say it…it’s hideous.

And it completely defeats the whole purpose of sitting on a ball. The idea is that you are “actively” maintaining your balance while sitting. You are firing off core muscles while the ball rocks back and forth (to varying results.) By stabilizing the ball, well, you are no longer being active, you are just sitting.

Warning: Side effects include Frequent bouncing between task and interoffice yoga. If Frequent bouncing between tasks occurs, contact your local doctor as this might be an amplified symptom of a common medical condition. If interoffice yoga occurs, please carefully pick the location/colleagues nearby as to minimize negative impacts (optimize viewing experience)

Partially true but it is still a lot more active a surface than a normal chair and does really help build up back muscles. I’ve used one for years now and it completely did away with my chronic back pain.

If I bought one of these, I would do nothing all day but try to keep students off it. No chance they’d leave it alone.

Sitting on one right now at my office
I agree with previous comment, not perfect but better than my chair
Back could be a bit sturdier
I am 6’4" 250#, it has worked for me
Another benefit, I am working lower at my desk, big help with posture, sit too high in a chair, ended up with permanent tilt when I stood up The Tall Gorgeous Norwegian uses hers at her sewing machine

Does anyone know if it’s effective for someone only 5’3" tall? Says designed for 5’5".

My guess would be it depends on your work surface…Mine is 29" off the floor, my keister is about 19" off of the floor (your weight will compress the ball regardless of how you pump it up) a comfotable work surface is about 10" below the top of your shoulder…Hope this helps

Sitting on an exercise ball is good when the ball is free. This will force your body to be active in order to balance. It may take a short while to get used to this but it really does help the lower back and probably strengthens core muscles.
Having the ball in the chair is stupid as it involves very little active sitting and it’s only benefit is the cushion of the ball. So get a free ball and use that.

This is true, the only benefit of these balls in chairs is the cushion of the ball.

Hate to disagree with you Mark, yes free ball is better but these still help lower back

I’ve been thinking about getting one of these for awhile. I’m curious - is the ball removable? I’m just wondering (based on the comments of those people complaining that the ball should be free-standing) whether or not you could take the ball out and use it on its own, if you felt comfortable with that (personally, I think I’d need to use it as is for awhile to improve my core a bit more first, but I could also see taking it out for pure exercise time).

I’ll also have to remember I can’t really curl up in this chair like I do in my regular office chair. Also, I’m getting a sit-to-stand desk in the near-ish future. In researching that, I was told this was a good accompaniment.