Sivan Balance Ball Fit Chair

Check out the product page for the fixed-back model

I picked up 2 of these, kids loved them… Cat did too, the cat easily bit a hole through BOTH of the rubbery ball, if you have cats, or a jumpy dog, my suggestion is to pass.

I have been using the adjustable in my office for at least two years. It is phenomenal - keeps my lower back slightly extended (as it’s supposed to be). Because my butt is not PARKED on something solid, my core muscles are kept toned. I recommend them to folks with back pain all the time.

Common issues: when I first got this and inflated the ball to size, it was too hard; I had to let a little air out for comfort. It does sit a little low (and I am not tall enough to use the leg extensions), which does require me to lift my arms a little high to type. When it is hot and stuffy in the office, the ball will be sticky against my legs if I am wearing shorts. (Not that I do this much).

I’m seeing wheels in the picture; how stable are these things? What is the likelihood they’ll roll out from under you?

It says 2 of the wheels are lockable.

I picked up one of these a few months ago, and at this point, it truly feels like a regular chair to me. I’m perfectly comfortable sitting in it, although I should probably add a little extra air to make it a little firmer.

On the cat note, I have a cat whose claws are murder on blankets and other fabric, but she tends not to attack stuff, so the chair is fine (her claws just get caught in blankets and the like when she’s walking on them). So, your mileage may vary depending on your pet. I have no doubt that if my cat actually tried to sit on the ball or attack it, she probably would destroy it, though.,

What happens when your kid jumps in your lap? Do you both go shooting into the ceiling?


If the ball pops, can’t it just be replaced with another balance ball?

Yes, any ball of similar size will work. I’ve replaced mine before with one bought from walmart.

same price on amazon

the no back support one this week at frys sells for $39.99 with their promo code. so woot you’re $10 over priced and with $5.00 shipping is way too much! look 3/4 of the way down…

Oh, I will add that I have trouble with the bar that supposedly keeps the ball in place (in front). There are four nuts to attach it to the chair, two above and two below the plastic stand. The two below keep coming off, and while I haven’t had too many issues with this, the bar can pop out if not being held by the bottom screws.

thanks for the link. Although i prefer buying from woot!, the $15 difference is a little too much. Gonna try that fry place, and if woot brings down the price, i’ll buy one or two more here!!