Six-Piece Art Sets - 6 Styles

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Six-Piece Art Sets - 6 Styles
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jul 16 to Monday, Jul 21) + transit
Condition: New


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If Starry Night had a Tardis…

Why does it bother me so much that the picture isn’t centered over the fireplace … ocd ocd ocd …

The paintings are centred on the wall. It’s not the paintings’ fault that the fireplace is off to the side…

Add it in yourself.

You win the best post for the night award. Everyone else can go home…

After you post something about this sale.

My high school art appreciation course never mentioned a tardis or maybe I was tardy that day. The definition says “it is larger inside than it appears to be from the outside.”

whut??? does that even mean in this context?..and please excuse my ignorance and educate me.

If I learn what I need to fabricate an enhancement on these pictures my first choice would be the redwoods as I have a fondness for big trees.

This price is pretty dang good. I have a blank, white wall in my bedroom that may need some love in Van Gogh form…

HAHA, bugged me too. Here, this help?

I just wish it came in the “Exploding Tardis”

Nice, but I bet they are tough to hang just right.

Know how we can make this world-famous painting better?

No, how?

Make it bigger and cut it into pieces.

You’re right! That is better!

I have a custom metal art set and hanging it evenly took some detailed measuring and patience. It would be a bit easier, if the hangers are near the edge of the back.

Can someone please tell me how the width adds up to 66"? I’m just not seeing it.

I agree, I’m getting 49" with 1" spaces.

Good get on the size ?..either individual pc specs are wrong or its 48x30 with spaces …I think admin should clarify this …I almost bought based on the 66x30 and would have felt ripped off to get the smaller size …I have never had a problem here and have always been a happy buyer

Definitely looks like a pain to hang, otherwise would probably buy.

Like others have said, seems like hanging would be a pain. Has anyone purchased and care to share how long it took to put them up?

For some reason they added up all the widths, like if you put them side by side. Yet, they didn’t do that for the height.