Six Piece Bar Set and Table Mounted Cork Screw

Are these things quality? I’ve seen so many crummy wine gift sets out there.

in for one… Maybe?

they look good. too bad it wasn’t offered last summer when i needed all pieces for or new basement bar. this is a terrific price for stainless and new. (i bought all of my pieces at the thrift stores!)

Ahh my wallet is safe. They do look very nice though, I love stainless.

Six Piece Bar Set and Table Mounted Cork Screw
$44.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Arcosteel 7184-0184 Stainless Steel Bar Set/Pro Wine Puller

Most definitely NOT Wellington. :slight_smile:

Clearly, no need to CellarTracker links for this one. :wink:
Probably no labrats either.

(hrm… appears I managed to accidentally delete my own post! :slight_smile: )

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Woe that I live in Canada…

Nothing we need, since we already have it all. (Some thanks to Woot!)

But… WineDavid, important info to include - What are the ounces measured by the jigger?

Corkscrew (or similar) on Amazon (no price). (note: it’s truly a ‘screw’ type with a solid core vs. the preferred ‘coiled’ style).

Nothing real strong on the bar set no price on Amazon either. Found one dead MSN site where the google cache had a “Best Price” of $47 for the bar set alone.

I’ve seen the “Rabbit” Corkscrews, this must be the Jackalope.

Sort of, there seem to be three types:

1: Traditional “Pigs tail” style corkscrew with an open center core
2: Screw-type with a solid core surrounded by auger-style spiral
3: Hybrid, sort of a robust screw/auger deal with no central “core”, but bladed auger-style screw

This appears to be the third type. Type #2 is the bad one.

Thank Joseph Smith, my apartment is overflowing with wine and no good storage system (unless under the bed in boxes counts) and I need the reprieve to have some time to trim inventory!

I love how the lids are considered 2 of the 6 pieces. :-\

Generally it’s a jigger and pony - 1 1/2 oz and 1 oz, respectively. That’s the standard.

Really. We have an 18-piece punch bowl set: bowl, ladle, 8 cups, 8 hooks to hang cups on edge of bowl. Does anyone ever actually hang the cups on the edge of the bowl?! Talk about useless.

sheepishly raises hand

And my credit card/spouse rejoiced. Looks great seems to be a great price but table mount corkscrew is nothing I could get away with.

Loweeel first sucker…does he have a bar in his house?

You have no idea. The man needs an actual cellar. You have to wade among the bottles in order to walk :wink: (ok it’s not QUITE so bad)

No reason to be sheepish. I admire people who can do that. I’d spill punch on all the other cups and hooks trying to fill my cup. When I come to your house next month, I’m staying away from the punch bowl.