Six Sigma Sauvignon Blanc (6)

I think I entered my e-mail 5 times due to the lack of response. Don’t want to miss out. haha


Thank you so much for your support. This wine is fantastic and at this price everyone should buy it. Don’t miss out on this opportunity especially with that holidays coming.

I also tried this at the NoVa/DC gathering. I found it to be dry and crisp. And agree with the other rat/debate reports. Can’t really add much more to what they have already said.

Busy day at work today. Sorry for the late response. I tasted this wine at the NoVA/DC tasting on Saturday and really liked it. I got a lot of grapefruit and maybe even some pineapple. It was crisp, yet had a fruity nose. It also has a well-balanced acidity. At this price point, it is a steal! Enjoy!

Six Sigma, thank you for your participation in today’s offer! :slight_smile:

Certainly seems like solid QPR, we’re out of Sauv Blanc, and… well, given the imminent demise of WW, trigger finger is extra jumpy these days.

In for one!

Thanks for the great deals as always, WD.

Of course :slight_smile: Great tasting notes!!

Thanks for stopping in. Winemaker participation is what made this site great. Though we used to badger you for a full week.

Our internet was up and down, mostly down, much of yesterday. But I can confirm I went in for a case. I wonder if I will have any left for use as a summer sipper.