Six year old Juniper Bonsai - Gift Week

And the Bonsai is first up!

Six year old Juniper Bonsai - Gift Week
$24.99 + $5 shipping
In decorative ceramic container
1 6 year old Juniper Bonsai (Dwarf Juniper Procumbens)

…and so gift week begins…

FYI, this week will be different for wine.woot. From the last mailing…


De ja vu? I swear I already own this :wink:

+1 for Mill.

I have a black thumb…this is not the best gift for me to give or get!

I love the “peep” in the expanded picture!

NO, this will not live inside.

Gifting a bonsai is a tricky issue. Only give it to somebody who will take the initiative to do a bunch of reading and take care not to fiddle with the tree.

Okay, this is cute, but gotta pass. I’d be the only one in my circle of friends and family who would be interested, and I kill bonsai.

Very sad.

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got this as a gift for my mom last year. Survived fine in the box it came in for the couple weeks before she opened it. However, despite her skill at gardening and growing plants, the tree is almost dead now. They are apparently fairly hard to take care of. Looked pretty cool, though, while it lasted.

I think he and I are either tied or I’m up one. Game on, Florida boy…

Got to hand it to Mill.

attempting~ attempting~ SOLD

so this would not make a good gift for my desk which does not get direct sunlight?

My mom still has hers from last year as well - constant watering aside, the tree is looking quite well for being an indoor plant in NJ. It hasn’t grown much - between a half-inch and an inch, I’d estimate - but still, it made a good xmas gift last year.

Maybe a little Oregon herb plant, but not this.

If it was six years old last year, and it has been living at Woot for a year, shouldn’t it be seven years old now?

yeah… i got it the last time… poor thing never stood a chance…

So WD, are the rest of the “gifts” this week going to be as non-wine related as this?