Six year old Juniper Bonsai

Six year old Juniper Bonsai
$24.99 + $5 shipping
condition: In decorative ceramic container
product(s): 1 6 year old Juniper Bonsai (Dwarf Juniper Procumbens)

No CellarTracker notes on this one.

Hey! This isn’t wine!!

how would you mail this without it getting ruined

Is there a trick here?

Paint the fence…

Not good for cubicles like mentioned. Junipers need to be outside in the winter, or they’ll die. Bad form, Woot

Hmm. Not bad deal, I’ll think about it, cause who wants to buy a tree?

soo… its just like a regular plant correct?

Shipping this must be a logistical nightmare

hrmm… what pairs well with trees?

Daniel-san! Add this to Cellartracker! Wax-on/Wax-off.

Ah, the unappreciated KK3.

I just threw out the last one I killed.

How will it ship? O.o

Oh long can these things go without being cared for? Cause with christmas break coming up…and i really want one for my dorm room

Will it have berries? I like to crush them and smell their juice… mmmm Gin

wonder if it comes with the peep…

What’s with the pink Peep? Is it included?

Way to go WD!

Yeah, that suprised me.

I had to read the top of the page to make sure I wasn’t on regular woot.

Should be an interesting week.

Any chance of getting lab ratted for this? LOL

Seriously though - no labrat once the wine comes along, correct?