sixthreezero Cruiser Bikes

I got the pink cruiser from sixthreezero the last time it was offered on Woot; it arrived super fast and I had a bike shop professionally put it together. ($75) Imagine my surprise when we picked it up and they gave me the extras that came with the bike including a small bottle of pink touch-up paint and my most favorite thing of all…a lovely personal letter of thanks from the owner of sixthreezero.

The 26" is a little bit too tall for me as I’m only 5’4 but I’ve been able to ride it okay, but I would feel much safer on a 24" bike.

The pink bike is absolutely beautiful and it rides so easily and effortlessly. LIKE A BOSS!

Dear Woot – pleas fix the spelling af the word “axle”? It is “axle”, not “axel”. This was noticed in the specs on at least a few postings, although I did not check all of them. Thanks.

Does anyone know the weights on these bikes fully assembled or even just the package shipping weight?

Can anyone with experience with this brand comment on their quality and whether the price offered by Woot is really a “deal”. I’m specifically interested in the 3 speed variations.

Also what size should I get for myself (5’10") and my wife (5’6"). Based on Gina3’s comment my wife should go for the 26"?

I’ll let the person in charge know. You get to wear the non-existent Woot Editor hat for the day!

Purchased my wife the all white 3-speed. Very pleased with it and it assembled extremely quickly. The pearlescent paint job is really nice. I was very surprised by the hand written letter that accompanied it. Very nice touch.

No experience with the bike, but the 26" refers to the tire size. 26" is the standard tire size for adult bicycles. You would adjust the seatpost height to accommodate your size.

I recently purchases the sixthreezero Wowman from a local bike shop (that I believe is a preferred vendor for threesixzero)for the $229 so yes woot’s deal is actually a deal and people are saving roughly $30 on the bikes. The quality of the bike is great and it has a really smooth ride.

I’m not overly familiar with bikes, but are Cruisers mainly for “at the beach” riding where the plain is mainly even without hills. I’m looking for a bike that I can take around in the suburbs, or out for long rides which will have hills, uneven sidewalks, curbs and so on. Definitely not looking for something off-road, just want to make sure the 3 speeds are enough to allow me to get up a hill or a steeper incline.

YAY ME! (But… if you wouldn’t mind pinging someone again? See… the thing is… at a minimum - spelling and syntax are often indicators of “paying attention to detail”… and when there are typos… well… it calls into question a whole host of things…)

Thanks, TT. I’m going back into hiding now. Have a good weekend.

The tire size does indeed affect the height. The adjustment for the seat is EXTREMELY minimal…as in no real difference. I adjusted my seat and there was just not that much lowering capability. The rod for the seat and the shape and size of the seat itself simply does not allow for significant lowering.

I used to believe that proper spelling was a good indication of a person’s intelligence but now I know better. Intelligence comes in infinite variations. William Zinsser shared with the American public that it’s not so much ‘how’ you write, but that you write at all.

It’s better to look for the lurking genius Woot always has to offer rather than to quibble over mere letters of the alphie.

You’re calling out Woot for a spelling error when your post contains one as well? Humanity at its best.

Agreed. For example take a look at Tim Sabean - Senior Vice President of the Howard Stern Channels on SiriusXM. He can’t spell worth a damn, but is still capable of running the biggest entertainment empire in the world.

Not so much “calling them out” as trying to be helpful… TO WOOT… BUT WHATEVER…

… was trying to be HELPFUL to Woot, not trash them for a typo.

Really folks, to be clear, I was talking about advertising/marketing literature. Poorly translated instructions, although entertaining at times, can present challenges.

I was not talking about PEOPLE. Since you mention people, however, I would agree… not necessary to be a world spelling bee champion. That said, I do expect these people to employ people who “clean it up” before it gets into print.

Typos happen, I know. (And, looking at the posts above, you know I know :wink:

When there are a number of typos in an exec’s broadcast e-mail (sent to thousands), it could indicate a number of things… was it posted by the executive assistant or a direct report of the exec? did the exec fail to pay attention to detail and check his/her e-mail prior to sending? did the exec fail to hire someone capable of adequately reviewing the info prior to sending? or fail to empower that person adequately to make changes/corrections?

Clearly, YMMV.

Have a nice day.

These are too expensive for having an Ashtabula bottom bracket.

What is an Ashtabula?

Ashtabula was a bicycle company in Ashtabula, OH. They have been out of business for years. They not only built bikes, their frames were used on many Schwinn and BMX bikes back in the 70’s. Not an expert but, price range seems not to bee too high when compared to what Schwinn was going for in that era and they used Ashtabula parts.