Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's 26" 250W

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's 26" 250W

How much does this weigh?



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62.4 lbs assembled according to

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If the bike is sold out, why keep the advertisement for it going?

Hi there. Where did you see the advertisement? Was it an email from Woot? Amazon?

It’s popping up on webpages – specifically Charlie Pierce on Even another day late

So as an advertisement on that site?

I’m still being bombarded with ads for this offer, even though it’s been sold out for days now. I saw it last on, which seems to be using the ad provider “Criteo”

Thanks for the help pinpointing things. I’ve given feedback to our team member in charge of our outside ads. They’re gonna see if they can turn some dials, tweak some settings, and improve things.

They still need to do some tweaking. This is still a direct ad. There are third party ad generators that are pulling this as well.

Screen cap from 3-26-22

It may take a while for the changes to push through the various systems. Thanks!