Sixty Six Degrees North

So thats the cords to the geographic north pole??

I’m digging the vibe of this shirt (no pun intended)

well deserved! congrats spirit!

“Sixty six degrees? That doesn’t sound so cold!”

-The Uninformed Guy

Can anyone identify all the animals? It looks like there might be some voles.

It’s dark at the North Pole. that’s why everything is in black and white.

I love how the sky, ground, and aquatic animals all fit in there respective places in the design.

No, it’s the latitude of the Arctic Circle. Having crossed it in Alaska, I may have to get this shirt.

Did I see a deer tick? I mean a caribou tick.

Congrats Spiritgreen!:slight_smile:

World within a world, actually a world atop a world…nice. And educational, once I look everything up.

I’ll be the know-it-all tonight.

Hooray for the shining green spirit of Spiritgreen!

Congrats on another win SG! Great work.

I see a bowl with a bunch of tasty critters. Stew anyone?

Ooo! It’s like those “I Spy” books! I spy a narwhal!

I spy a Narwhal!

(Apparently, so did the person above me.)

Alright! Walz and SG double pow win! This is a good weekend!

Congrats, Spirit! :slight_smile:

Congrast spiritgreen. All your hard work paid off! Well deserved.

Now what animals are at 69 degrees north?