Skagen 3 Gen Touchscreen Smartwatch

Skagen 3 Gen Touchscreen Smartwatch

Do not buy nobody buy, this watch is discontinued and half the price of what what is trying to get rid of it at here on any other watch selling website

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Where do you see that it’s discontinued? They’ve come out with Gen 6 but that doesn’t mean they stopped supporting the Gen 5.

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No wear os update coming to this watch in the future check any reputable site to confirm this… sadly I think this is a great watch but many reviews across watch buying sites says people can’t even get it to update to the last firmware compatible with the watch… check for yourself

I am not sure if I can post competitor sites for reviews and lower price or I would

And if it helps at all here is proof the watch is cheaper on woot parent company Amazon

[MOD: different band/model]

Woot is selling the KYGO Black Silicone model, which is $281 on Amazon.

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That doesn’t mean it’s stops working. Sounds like Wear 3.0 is getting a very slow roll out. I understand you don’t want to buy it but it may meet the needs of someone else.

Found this on Amazon:

Sadly, that is correct. I mean, it’s not sad that you’re correct, but it’s sad about the rollout.

I mean, I have a watch which was announced originally to be getting the update, but it’s not being updated for another few months.

(And this is coming from somebody who likes software updates.)

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That is correct I did post the exact same watch with a different band (metal, I guess that would be a valid cheaper material than rubber for a higher price). Look woot is all about the deals and if there is the exact same watch even or better or lesser materials it’s our obligation as wooters to inform each other of better deals maybe even woot/Amazon will be the better advertised deal for the “same” watch.

here is the exact same model at a much higher discounted savings

Be careful if you order from there.

But if there are different bands, it’s not really the “exact same”.