Skagen Watches

Smaller than Invictas, for sure. Do you wear a watch? What kind is it?

(Is this when I break out the “What time is it?” “Time for you to get a watch.” thing? No? Okay, forget this part then.)

I think that’s an understatement. These watches are very thin!

I’ve been looking for a watch for a while and these are tempting, but Skagen has much more fun designs IMHO (oh and I spent too much money on woot in these past couple of days :wink:

Not bad watches. I have a Skagen I picked up from Costco about a year ago. It looks thin but is not actually as thin as it appears. No one notices but it should be noted.

I lost a pin in mine. I hardly wear watches so losing a pin with as little wear as it got was unnerving.

They are pretty durable, hasn’t scratched yet, and they definitely can get some looks…

I just bought one of these watches on Amazon last week. I love mine!! I love thin thin watches and these are nice and thin. I’m going to have to go for the rectangular one this time. The one on Amazon i paid $100 for, so $60 is not a bad deal.

I also wish Skagen would make some men’s looking watches for women’s sized wrists.

I have one (an older version of the black face). We bought my wife a “matching” version last year(mother-of-pearl background instead of the black, women’s version).

Love it, always get nice comments on it.

Not really much of a deal, this watch brand is similar to invictas and several others wherein their business model is to have overinflated prices which are offset by very frequent sales.

These watches are okay, more for looks than mechanics, I own two of them and am happy (I expected them to get broken in a short time, yet after a year of intermittent use they are still fine).

Oh yeah, one other thing, if you have amazon prime you can get this watch shipped to you for $2 less.

One other detail about Skagen, they are owned by a Danish couple which launched the company in America about 20 years ago, so it is an American-based company (which may actually be more of a selling point than the whole ‘Danish’ watch angle).

i was eyeing the men’s round with the same idea; I don’t like how TINY women’s watches are, but men’s watches seem to be in a solid trend of hugeness. a watchface that is larger that my wrist has too much of a Flavor Flav vibe going on.
Does anyone have the men’s watch? can you speak to how it would look on a lady’s “delicate wrist” (yes, I know they have the dimensions, but it’s still hard to envision).

From the looks of it, this is actually the 430LSXB1 rather than the 430LSXB (only difference I can spot is that the B1 has the markers whereas the 430LSXB is just the bare black face. Can anyone confirm?

This is going to sound crazy, but it helps me to get a visual of what something will look like on my wrist or finger.
I just found a spice jar in my cupboard that measured exactly 34mm in diameter on the bottom. I placed it on a blank piece of paper and drew an outline around it on the paper. I then cut the circle out, and placed it on my wrist to get an idea of how the size would look on. It really helps me to get an idea of what to expect when it arrives and I’ve never been disappointed in using this method.
Hope this helps.

The 34mm paper circle looked fine on my wrist. :slight_smile:
Not too big at all, and I’ve got fairly small wrists, around 6.5 inches.

I love Skagen watches. I have 2, they’re awesome. Nice contruction, light weight, really nice designs. Also, Skagen has lifetime warrantees on all their watches. Just email their customer service and they’ll take care of you.

I believe a lot of their men’s styles are also available in women’s sizes.

I’m having a lot of trouble finding a replacement watch band for the Skagen I bought two years ago. My local watch shop said Skagen started handling replacement bands themselves, but they don’t sell them online. I’m beginning to think they expect customers to pay a $32 “repair” fee plus $8.50 shipping to send it to them for a simple watch band replacement. I have an email out to the company, waiting for a response.

the 430lsxb is sick! I’m sorry I missed that one.

Sorry, Woot, not much of a deal. $49.75 on your parent company, Amazon.

Also, since I have Prime, free shipping whereas you charge $5. So, really, it’s $44.75 vs. $49.75.


Hmmm, you are correct. It is the 430LSXB1, our supplier gave us the wrong model #.  However, when you research it both come up and yes, the only diff is the markers.  All the features/specs are for the 430LSXB1.  The item pictured is the item you are getting.

Thanks! Sadly it sold out a minute after I posted :frowning: I love the minimalist styling of Skagen though, they look great

I have had the 358SSSD (with the silver face) for 4 years, and I love it! It’s slim and goes with everything. I have a small wrist, and this one can be adjusted super small so it doesn’t slide around - but it’s also very easy to re-adjust the band, so if you’re stuck somewhere hot and humid and your wrist swells, you can easily adjust it.

So I have a larger wrist. How long of a band is:

Band Length Men’s Standard

What is a standard length? (No jokes please!!!)