Skagen Watches

Is the 107SSSB1 a stretch band? I have tiny wrists & like the watch but don’t want it to hang face down when worn…

Ditto for “Women’s standard”. Pet peeve of mine. It can mean 6.5" up to 8". Is it really that difficult for a manufacturer or retailer to provide the actual minimum/maximum sizing available with the included band?

I own a few men’s Skagen watches. I have thin wrists so they work great for me size-wise. The quality and workmanship of the designs is superb. Great watches all around. I would have added one of these to my collection but the one I like is sold out. Great price for a stylish and reliable timepiece.

I was given one of these as a gift several years ago (430lsxb). The specs said ‘water resistant to 100ft’; I think they misspelled ‘do not get wet’. Don’t expect to wear this watch while swimming, even in shallow water for short periods of time. I spent 20 minutes in a 3-5ft deep pool and noticed the inside of the glass was fogged up. Brand new watch with the back never taken off and it leaks in 4 feet of water… nice.

If you don’t get in/around water much these are nice looking watches for a reasonable price. If you enjoy being in/around lakes, rivers, pools, oceans or even vigorously washing your hands, you might want to look elsewhere.

Thanks for the heads-up. I was about to pull the trigger for wifey. She needs a beater watch-Tired of her coaching softball in her Cartier.

I got a Baby-G Shock Casio instead for same money. Let’s see her destroy that watch !

LOVE Skagen watches… I have three and my hubby has one that I got him. Unfortunately, it is too tight. It is a big guy at 6’4" and yknow, not skinny or anything. Fortunately, Skagen will ship you extra links if they have them. Haven’t gotten around to trying that yet.

I been looking for watch like this since i saw " Rado Coupole Jubile Diamond Accent Mens Watch Model R22624712 "

-Thanks woot

I have a skagen I’ve had for roughly 3-4 years, been a daily wear watch through waiting tables and now in a pool store (hint: chlorine). I have small wrists, and most watches (fossil and the like) are WAY too big on me, but the skagen is great!

The crystal is scratched up a bit, but by no fault of the watch itself, I’m just rough with it, a few of the inner band links have kinda “stretched out” where the metal has opened up a bit, but nothing that’s worried me (again, years of daily wear)

Also, my skagen is titanium-whatever-fancy-alloy, weighs nearly NOTHING! (and the fact it has mickey mouse on the face is a big bonus too, haha!)

tl;dr…skagen made a great daily watch for me, will probably replace with another skagen.

Get the H02LSXB with a black metal band and I’ll bite.

these are made to look good but are low end watches, mine fell apart after a week. i returned it to amazon and reordered one with a leather band, lasted longer. still are Chinese made, you can see that when you change the battery. Denmark in their mind china makes them money.

I’m seeing this far too often on Woot! now…

Citizen AT4004-52E

It was a gift from my wife. Very nice watch and very sturdy. I have to say I love the sapphire crystal. I have beat the heck out of it and doesn’t have a mark. That said…it is not a deal. But you do have to like the fact that you never have to set it (perpetual calendar & atomic clock sync) and the battery never needs changing (solar charging). The chronograph is handy too.

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