Wear this shirt:

To go hunting.

thats what i first thought.

Why is the girl on the left flipping the bird?

Why are they selling walmart shirts?
its not even witty or funny. the orange reminds me of an orange. oranges are delicious, but not on my shirts.

wait that didn’t make sense.

After seeing so many good designs in the current derby…I’m sad for this shirt. It’s doomed to be unloved by many. I would not be surprised at all if none were sold.

No, that’s the INDEX finger. count from the pinkie…

Well, Shirt offer #40 (not counting launch and counting the double-treat as one) is one I’ll thankfully pass, but it’s a nice one for someone.

Is the girl on the left pointing up or giving us the finger?
The latter would be an allegory of the woot itself :slight_smile:

Many of the Derby shirts in the running this week are better than this…

Dated design, not funny/witty/drawn well, godawful orange… I stayed up for this?

What happen? What’s happening??? Is this shirt suppose to like a joke that nobody gets, or am I the only one thats clueless? Im scared mommy…

Is it just me or does the orange remind me of… FANTA!

Wow, that’s really… orange. And cartoony. Except that I kind of like cartoons. Well, other cartoons. Because I just don’t get what this one is supposed to be saying. Probably because I’m over 12.

We Having Horny 12 year olds create the shirts now?

Very disappointing. I really can’t think of who is going to be excited about this one. If I was going to go ugly, I think I’d probably rather buy a shirt from the snack bar at this place:

Ugh, talk about an ugleeee shirt! Skatetown? Is that where all the prepubescent boys hang out and try to score? Maybe they would buy this thing…notta me

If I saw someone wearing this, I’d almost pee on my pants. this has got to be a joke design concept.

Just goes to show you, people will buy anything…YUCK!

it always amazes me how negative people are about shirts they don’t like. If it’s not your style, don’t buy it. Your money speaks louder than text.

why do all the dude’s look feminine? At first glance, i thought it was a lesbian shirt. Definitely, not a shirt i would wear.

this is one of the most hideous shirts I have ever seen. looks like something wal-mart would have on their dollar rack