Just goes to show you, people will buy anything…YUCK!

it always amazes me how negative people are about shirts they don’t like. If it’s not your style, don’t buy it. Your money speaks louder than text.

why do all the dude’s look feminine? At first glance, i thought it was a lesbian shirt. Definitely, not a shirt i would wear.

this is one of the most hideous shirts I have ever seen. looks like something wal-mart would have on their dollar rack

It would be a great shirt for someone that just got accepted to Syracuse or did a lot of late-night walks of shame. Plus there are people that look good in Crush Orange…

I actually really like the art style. Clearly the designer is a great cartoonist. I’m passing on this shirt because of the orange color and the subject matter (rollerskates aren’t my thing) but I hope he’ll do more shirts for this site in the future.

Nice rack on the lead chick, but I don’t really like freckles.

I don’t like pre-pubescent fantasy themes using women as sex objects and making guys look like sensitive types - otherwise I’d be all over it!

NOT! Total lame-sauce…

fugly, plus the girl on the left is giving the finger… which makes it funny… but sad.

I’m not going to begin to try to unravel the several layers of irony that this shirt employs.

At least it isn’t green. Or blue. Or gray. Or asphalt.

Why did woot delete my negative comment about this shirt? Are they starting to censor messages they don’t like now like the government?

For those that dont like this shirt or even those who do. make sure you vote for this weekends shirts in the derby. So we wont have to all complain about having bad shirts Friday, saturday and sunday. Although someone always will complain. :slight_smile:

looks disgusting. I don’t like that style of “crappy” cartoon drawing

Mos def… vote for this weeks. I’d buy all top 3 if the good ones are voted.

As always, if you do/don’t like something, give us a reason. Just saying, “This sucks,” or, “Best shirt ever!” is pretty boring to read, not to mention it doesn’t tell us why. Don’t like the art style? Hate the color? Love the placement, originality, or the artist? Tell us!

i like the color of the shirt, but i agree with most of the people here: the design kind of sucks. it doesn’t make sense to me =\

Got it, thanks! Next time I will offer constructive criticism.

I dont like this shirt because of the color, and the theme, and the illustration style. Looks like a 12 year old did it. And it blows. :slight_smile:

I like pretty much everything but the theme. Not really sure who they are targeting with this shirt.

i hate this t-shirt because:

  1. the girls on it look like they came from the 80s in a delorean
  2. cartoon design on orange no thx
  3. the design is extremely childish
  4. it’s not witty/clever, mildly interesting, or remotely wearable
  5. i can find better looking t-shirts at ross
  6. calvinball is freaking a million times better than this design. and i didn’t even know what calvinball was.