Did anyone else read the shirt as “Skat Town”?

Either way the color scheme wouldn’t change.

lame. just got a bunch of woot shirts including the one with the snake eating itself and I have to say I’m not impressed at all with the quality of the silkscreening/printing. Wow, I just realized that my obsession with shirt.woot is over.

I’m happy to be free!

oh, sorry…wrong day
i actually like the retro-ness of the skatetown shirt and can’t understand the big anti-skatetown blitz. skatetown is cool. me have more money and me buy one, but alas, no
'night all

I think I will buy this shirt just to see you almost pee your pants, who knows, you might take a dump in your pants instead, then again, maybe you will do both, but I will still buy one even if you dont.

That was my first thought… obscene! :wink:

And neither does this shirt.

Well, I WAS a teenager in the late 70’s/early 80’s, and seeing “skatetown” put a smile on my face, just for a moment. We were so cool wearing our concert jerseys and Levi’s 501’s, with green eyemakeup and black mascara, puffing away on Marlboros. A vision of adolescent attitude-on-wheels!

But I just can’t see wearing it - too orange, too much cleavage (highlighting my own lack thereof). And as a mom I’m not about to wear (or buy for my kids) what looks like someone flipping the bird. I’m guessing this one’s not aimed at the over-40 mom demographic anyway! I was, however, hoping to buy Calvinball shirts for the whole family over the weekend, and will keep checking to see if it turns up one of these days.

For most of the shirts I haven’t liked, the reasons were a) The design wasn’t funny, b) the design was too abstract, c) I wasn’t “in” on the theme/joke, or d) the color wasn’t “my style”. However, I’ve kept my comments to myself because I readily understand that I won’t always like or “get” the shirt of the day, and accept that other people probably do and will buy the shirt.

However, as far as constructive criticism goes, I would have to say this is the first shirt I would not buy because all of the above reasons. I would also add to it that “Skatetown” is a rather common name for rollerskating rinks, and I’d feel as though I’d be advertising for them inadvertently.

Not that it matters. Once a shirt.woot is up, it will stay up until the next day, regardless of community opinion. I suppose your request for our constructive comments is to get a better feel for what people like, though, for future woots. For this shirt, I’d suggest that it is likeable only from a nostalgia point of view, but there are too many other problems with it for it to sell well, compared to other designs I’ve seen.

That means it will probably sell out, of course :slight_smile:

This one is simply hideous…the color ruins it more than anything.

Of course, given the unbelievable number of hits this site gets, I would think that they could even sell out of a Hilter Youth Tshirt if they tried.

Does anyone realize how incredibly poor a tshirt has to be for Woot NOT to sell out? 750-1000 per day SHOULD be childs play and yet there are still shirts that don’t sell out. AMAZING. Someone at Woot is asleep. I’d have fired anyone choosing a non-sellout design.

Only if she has 6 fingers. Look closely.

You know.
I really don’t like this shirt.
It’s just so gaudy.

Yeah, after I originally posted I did later think it probably wasn’t intended for the 40+ crowd.

And, I too am hoping for Calvinball shirts. Ahh Calvinball, appeals to a wide range of ages, color not too crazy, nothing that could be viewed as obscene… C’mon Woot! Bring on the Calvinball shirts!

I feel like I must defend the wearers of orange colored shirts everywhere! Every color, no matter how crazy, looks good on somebody.

This shirt, however, just doesn’t do it for me. I think it’s the artistic style of the people, and to be honest, I’m really not that keen on people on my shirts at all (I suppose unless they are silhouettes).

Also, which shirts didn’t sell out? I didn’t know that has happened.

[Edit: Oh, and… Rawr! Calvinball]

To be fair, the snake one did turn out a little poorly (imo, at least), but some of the later shirts I’ve received (Stereo from Above, say) seem to have been bumped up a notch in terms of overall quality. Though the Doctorow shirt wasn’t bad either.

Yes, staff orders shirts the same way you do, heh.




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but for all intents and purposes, she IS giving ppl the bird. No one seeing it on someone else will get close enough or care enough to actually count fingers.

for it to be design this way, I can only assume the designer meant for her to give ppl the bird but drew it as such to claim innocence.

I don’t like the color or the style. I also don’t think anyone under 30 will get the Skatetown reference. I know I don’t…

it looks like the same artist has a shirt in the derby this week, “Boom Box Kids,” so if you like the style but dislike the color or content, vote there and maybe next weekend we will see a different one…

I haven’t thought any of the shirts so far were remotely cool.