wow this has got to be in the running for worst woot shirt.

It’s just plain ugly, the color, the design, everything.

i want calvinball! D:

this shirt is from awesometown. I approve!

I love my leakfrogs!

Not from me. I like the variety of colors offered. The orange fish shirt from a few weeks back is one of the best woot shirts I’ve bought. I wouldn’t wear it every day, but it’s a nice change from more neutral colors. I don’t understand buying these designed shirts simply to use them as undershirts. If you just want an undershirt, they can be found cheaper. If you must have these though, realize that there’s at LEAST one neutral color offered per week (usually more)… do you really need more than 52 new shirts in a year?

We should be supporting that, so they’re not off making… trouble.

I’m just trying to figure out if the color scheme is more Burger King or Whataburger. :slight_smile: Whataburger, I think.

Wow, there sure are a lot of awt critics here! I hope some of you folks spend a proprotionate amount of time posting online about the stuff you do want to support!

This is the first Woot shirt I’ve looked at but I’m buying it. To each his own and all that jazz.

(I created Calvinball)

I never heard anything from woot(!) either way so I assume it was kosher copyrightwise. They’ve been good at letting artists know when their designs crossed into dangerous legal territory.

I can only assume it didnt get enough votes but gosh darn it, it must have been close.

Speaking of which… woot(!)staff… How do I find out how many votes Calvinball got? There was a questionmark next to “# of votes” last I saw :wink:

From what I’ve seen, this much is true. People do post when they like something as I’ve seen often and just as much when they don’t like it. I’m glad to see constructive criticism in this thread however, because it seems that much in the past the comments are bland and boring, offering no insight into the mind of the poster.

I’m guessing Woot has an assload of orange shirts they are trying to get rid of…

Skatetown? More like Sucktown. ZING! I can’t imagine anybody who would wear a t-shirt of this color and design, and I’ve tried hard to imagine that one person out there who would. He/she just doesn’t exist.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is the worst T-Shirt, Woot or otherwise, that I’ve ever seen.

I’d have voted for it if I noticed it. Sorry.

You can make up for it by voting for one of my current designs. My destructive monkey seems quite popular. :wink:

See Cherrypicker’s post for the links to past shirts. He posts the links every day here in the forums

Not jumping, is it… No surprise.
Bad color, worse design.

I’m so jacked I got the Rock/Paper shirt, I’ll forgive this mess.

You are all dumb. This is the coolest shirt ever. The design rocks.

this might be a stretch, but… are you the designer’s sister?

This is the type of shirt you’d find at Red Light for $40. The most fashionable people I know shop at Red Light.

It’s not my style, but it’s certainly stylish. While I won’t buy one, this is one of Woot’s best offerings to date.

Cool shirt…Hate teh color.