Skechers BOBS Footwear

Skechers should be sued by TOMS…

BOBS vs TOMS I dont know who will win that grudge match…
I don’t even have their shoes. I have the supercheap airwalks knockoff.

Who cares who wins? In the end both companies donate a pair for every one sold. I would say its a win/win.

The real question is if I buy one from here is a pair donated?


Probably. I don’t think it’s by a sale to sale basis, more of a ‘when Sketchers/Toms sells to a store, they donate that many, or when they make them’ Most companies don’t use a customer purchase statistic as much as a store/company statistic.

The title of the sale should be ‘Skechers BOBS Womens Footwear’, rather than getting us Y-chromo’d folks’ hopes up…

Worse yet.
I clicked on “Bob’s Luxe - Indian Summer White”. Guess what?
It says “White Women’s Shoes”!

And Bingo was his name, oh!